You MantendríAs The Image of Vodafone before The Launch of a Brand of Low-Cost? The Question of The Week

At the moment there is little confirmed the existence of a project for the launch of a low cost by Vodafone brand in several European countries but the rumors cited in Expansion that would reach that mark very soon Spain, do you think that it would be the best way to capture the attention of young people and stop the loss of lines?

Regardless of whether it is an OMV as Tuenti Movistar or a mark as Amena that in reality it remains part linked to Orange, Vodafone might choose to differentiate the new offer of low-cost with a mark LEDFN linked (but differential) of the operator or choose other rumored brands as Yu: at first glance you wouldn’t no relationship with Vodafone.

Do you mantendrías the image of Vodafone to launch its brand low cost to have greater recognition and “warranty” or think that unlinking it could reach most easily, criticism as good as the achieved by other MVNO’s on the market?

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Last week: and if Orange or Vodafone buy Telstra?

In terms of the uncertainty that creates the possibility of a decline in competition lately lived in the mobile telephony market, users have it clear if we consider the most valued response that left us sensenic:

Well hopefully not, Telstra was a very healthy alternative and has been the revolution in the market (to say, the end of the illegal conclusion of prices, as stations) along with the OMVs hope really to avoid the purchase by the big 3, because we would lose and much all.