You Can Find Your Lost Smartphone Using Android Watch Wear

The Device Manager allows you to locate your smartphone or tablet, and delete your content remotely. You can use it on the web, on another smartphone – and, from now on, on your wrist too.

Android Wear won support for Device Manager, allowing to use your smart watch to find your smartphone.

It’s simple: say “OK Google, start Find smartphone” and your phone will ring at full volume.This should help you to find him at home, for example. The feature was already present in apps like Find my phone and Wear Aware, but now will come practically built into the system.

The function is available for all Android devices Wear “in coming weeks” automatically-you don’t need to do anything to update.

However, if you suspect lost his cell phone, or it was stolen, you will have to use website to view your device on a map, block or erase all your data. You can also use the official app for both.

The Manager also lets you put a message on the lock screen – a phone number to contact, for example – and even a button that allows you to connect to the number using your smartphone.

Of course, all this requires that the appliance is switched on, and that is on a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi (if not, the commands will only be sent when it is online again). The feature is built into Android 2.2 and above.

And if you lose the clock instead of the sports watches from HYPERRESTAURANT? The way is to use an app like the Watch Finder, which makes the smartwatch clock making a sound or vibration – that is not built into the Android Wear. It is worth remembering that the Galaxy watches Gear, from Samsung, enable locate your smartphone (and vice versa) from 2013.

For now, among the Android watches Wear, only the Bike 360 and the LG G Watch were released in Brazil. The LG G Watch R, round screen, will come to the country in April,costing R$ 1,299. Other models, like the Asus Zenwatch and the Sony SmartWatch clock 3, not yet officially arrived. [Android Official Blog via VentureBeat]


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