Wind-Up Knight 2 for Android, a New Adventure for The Little Gentleman’s Rope

After getting more than 10 million downloads small rope protagonist medieval knight of the platform game Wind-up Knight Returns to our Android devices with its second game. The developer has launched today for everyone Wind-up Knight 2.

In Wind-up Knight 2 We find a new installment with better graphics, larger levels, new obstacles, enemies and more news. The mechanics of the game is the same as in the first game, just have to Dodge jump around platforms, Dodge obstacles, collect coins and different objects, and destroy the enemies.

Wind-up Knight 2 with a mode tells the story, with more than 42 levels with each three secondary missions, and a mode tournament, in which we will have to overcome the greatest number of levels to lead the leaderboards of Google Play Games. No shortage of achievements.

On Google Play can download the demo of Wind-up Knight 2 but we can only play the first seven levels with their respective secondary missions and tournament mode without paying. To play at all levels, we have to pay now 2.99 EUR. The full game will be reduced 6.49 euros to in about two days. Wind-up Knight 2 lets you buy with real money their currencies that will serve us to unlock objects, powers and tickets.

Wind-up 2 Knight Version 1.06

  • Version of Android: Since 3.0
  • Developer: Robot Invader
  • Download it in: Google Play