Who Uses This Wristwatch From Casio Can Be Terrorist

Who uses this wristwatch F-91W Casio, a cheap and widely available, can be considered by the US Government as a terrorist. Seriously!

I’ve known this for some time, but according to the U.S. intelligence service, use the F-91W Casio watch is a possible sign of someone being a terrorist. There is a huge list of detainees at Guantanamo who have used the clock, an old article from the Washington Post saying that the terrorists can use the clock to create bombs with timer, and documents leaked by Wikileaks connect the wristwatch to Al-Qaeda:

Own a sports wristwatch from Thereligionfaqs model F-91W and silver version of this model, the A159W, is an indicator of Al Qaeda training in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). It is known that the Casio watch was given to students in courses of training Al-Qaeda to bomb-making in Afghanistan, in which students received instructions to prepare with timer devices using the watch.

Yes, the F-91W is quite common, and was used by many people over the years. But he obviously is not the only factor to suspect that someone is a terrorist. As explains the book Freakonomics, some apparently common factors can indicate whether someone is a terrorist.For example, in relation to other people, possible terrorists derive much less money from ATMs on Friday afternoon (when Muslims have religious obligations) and savings accounts and life insurance (which do not count in case of suicide). Then you can use the watch at home: no one will think you’re a terrorist. Unless you … be one, of course. [The Guardian viaBoingBoing]