Whatsapp Adds a Button to Send Photos in a Direct Way

Most commonly used in Spain in the category of communication remains Whatsapp While several try to slowly steal users with greater or lesser success, such as Telegram or Line. Let us not forget that in the past few days, Facebook has announced that it will be compulsory to have Messenger to send private messages, news that it is unclear following the purchase of Whatsapp for Mark Zuckerberg.

In the new beta which you can download from their website, we observe a new detail that draws our attention when it comes to access to a conversation. It is a New button located to the left of the microphone that allows us to directly access the camera in a manner surprisingly fast. Once we find there own interface with fewer options than the native but enough from my point of view.

Perhaps due to competition Whatsapp is launching in recent times updates that already I enjoy, like for example the possibility to disable notifications of specific groups, and other news that will be implemented in the future as to be able to make calls from the application itself.

It is a beta it is possible for the application to present some type of problem though its performance tends to be fairly stable. At the moment this version, the 2.11.215, must not be discharged directly from Google Play, But if everything works as it should will be available soon.