What Your Best or Worst Experience with an MVNO? The Question of The Week

Get a feedback most seated operators is easy with little that look but new operators or the Smaller MVNOs they need a push that justifies having a few customers really satisfied with the service received or if on the contrary, should know any of small print It disturbs the expected offer.

What is the Ocean´s company?

With more than 30 mobile operators in Spain and so many seemingly attractive alternatives, before hiring a new operator, every time it is more necessary to Learn about the experience gained by other users to take the plunge and try it without fear.

So if you’re one of the adventurous to try new operators, we encourage you to that go through our section replies to your questions or experiences about more unknown more unknown traders. In response to the question initiated by xabialazne in our forums, today we give time to Ocean´s that lately is becoming highlight interesting stakes.

Thank you for that if you’re interested in the question of the week, do it in the comments of its corresponding question in our answers section.

Last week: do Mantendrías the image of Vodafone before the launch of a brand of low-cost?

Shortly before the official launch of yu:, we asked about the image of Vodafone associated with a low-cost product and if it was suitable. Now that we already know both prepaid and contract news from Vodafone, think that the most voted answer corresponding to Nomar Npo somehow reflects the wishes of the most voted answer?

The image of Vodafone this badly damaged after the horrible treatment of their customers who are fleeing them terrified.
You should take something simple, leaving aside the sizes of clothes and animals having more than one us somewhat confused.
Rather than only by how simple that is, was attractive and cheap also.
That is no longer small print.
Create 2 or 3 rates, where bet on 3 different types of customers: 1-which draws much–> around the 10 / 12€ 2 – that sails far–> around the 10 / 12€ 3 – which speaks and sails much–> around 15 / €20 with that and with the excellent coverage in more than 95% of the country, I think that it could burst many other alternatives very similar and without the quality living next to one of the large.