Watchos 2: Apple Watch Want To Earn New Independent Iphone Life

The Apple Watch is a pretty neat gadget, but it is a fact that he seems a little raw on the inside, as if he were still a beta version. Apple wants to change that image with the second version of the operating system of your Smart Watch, the watchOS 2, announced today (8) during the WWDC 2015.

The Apple Watch will win new watch faces, including a photo album for your clock to display your photos, and another with time-lapse. In addition, the apps Apple’s clock will now be natives-that is, you won’t need more than an iPhone connected to rotate right. Is a step towards the independence of the smart watch, which until now was very attached to the iPhone.

This clock’s independence in relation to the iPhone is great news. As much as it sounds a little beast in a first moment, is the kind of news with the potential to transform the usability of the device. Now apps can play sounds directly into the speaker. And can also access his mic on your own. In the Shazam app, for example, you need to take the smartphone from his pocket to recognize what he’s playing – will no longer be necessary in watchOS 2, since the Shazam will have access to Apple Watch microphone.

With the watchOS 2, developers can create their own “Complications”, which, despite the name, are here to facilitate your life. Are small widgets that show updates of things within the smartwatch clock. That means the apps developed for the Apple Watch now can show flights schedules, results of sporting events, status of your home and much more. Another feature works in partnership with the “Complications” – his name is Time Travel and allows “travel in time” from the Crown of the watch to view things that will happen in the future. Is more or less what the Pebble Team already does, and is a very interesting feature.

Apple made some minor additions to your system, which clearly needed a good update. Here are some of the things that make Apple Watch as soon as you get the watchOS 2:

– Answer emails directly from the watch.
-The Maps transit directions, and won, in conjunction with the Crab, he manages to give tips on public transportation as well.
– Night mode: If you want to leave the clock carrying overnight, he now has a night mode that displays the time, alarm time and load of the appliance as if it were a clock radio.
– Video: Yes, now you can play videos from the tiny screen of the Apple Watch.

Are some minor changes that have the potential to improve the Apple smartwatch – especially due to new native apps. Strange that all this is announced just a few weeks after your official release, but that’s okay. The WatchOS beta 2 for developers is now available. The final version to final consumers should be launched in the second half.