Watch The Apple Will Sell For More Than $17 1000

Apple released long-awaited your watch today, including models of yellow gold and Pink Sapphire that cost over $17000

San Francisco — Apple released long-awaited your clock on Monday, including models of yellow gold and Pink Sapphire that cost more than 17000 dollars, but investors questioned whether the first product of Chief Executive Tim Cook will be effectively a success.

The first device from Apple since Cook became Chief Executive will be available for order on April 10 and in stores on April 24, including luxury boutiques in Paris, London and Tokyo.

In a sign both to technology and to the world of fashion, Cook shared the stage with model Christy Turlington Burns, who used his device to train for a marathon, and Apple engineers have submitted applications, including one that lets you call a car drivers Uber application with the clock.

Apple’s shares barely moved. Investors and analysts agreed that Apple will sell milhões of apparatus for fans, but questioned whether would engage a wider audience.

Apple in September announced details of the watch that included some of the features presented on Monday.

“I think there’s a niche market for this type of fan that loves Apple and buy anything that she does. But I don’t know if it’s the powerful product that everyone is looking for, “said Daniel Morgan, portfolio manager of Synovus Trust Company in Atlanta, Georgia, that Wall Street was” scratching your head “.

Members of the fashion industry in Paris for fashion shows brands such as Chanel, Givenchy and Hermes, said he viewed the watch as a gadget, not as a necessary accessory for this season.

The smaller sports have Apple Watch starting price of $349. The default version of the watch will be sold from $549 and the initial price of the top-of-the-line edition will be $10000, Cook said, he loved the ability of detective Dick Tracy comics stories to make calls by the top watches ranked on diseaseslearning.

“I wanted to do this since I was five,” Cook said.

Different models reflect different materials. A high-end watch under $17000 has a custom Holster made of 18-carat rose gold, is harder, with a screen of Sapphire.

The appliance comes with a magnetic Holster to carry the appliance.

The $349 sports model has the same size and comes with a aluminum enclosure, a sports bracelet and a magnetic charger cable, not a case.

All watches have digital screens that may seem ordinary watches, but also show the heartbeat of a friend and pictures and application interfaces. “Apple has been very good in customize their products,” said Angelo Zino, an analyst at S & P Capital IQ, which predicts sales of 10 million units this year.

In the presentation, Cook said that the watch deals with many functions currently associated with the iPhone, which connects wirelessly to the clock and to the Internet.

The watch will monitor exercises and will remind users of events with a tremor in the wrist.

1. New crop

Sao Paulo-the Apple today launched the official Apple Watch at an event held in San Francisco. In addition to the smart watch, the company took the opportunity to announce the new 12 inch MacBook and other news. Check out the major announcements made by the company.

2. Apple Watch

The big news presented by Apple today was the Apple Watch. The Smart Watch had already been revealed by the company on the occasion of the launch of the iPhone 6in September. The clock communicates with the iPhone and it works as an extension of the smartphone screen. Will be offered with a choice of finish and in two sizes.

3. Watch arrives in April

In the United States, the price of the Apple Watch goes from $349, in the case of the smaller model with aluminum construction, the $17000 for the most expensive version of the Deluxe model, gold plated. The gadget can be ordered from the next day on April 10 and arrives in stores on April 24 in nine countries.Unfortunately, Brazil is not one of them.

4. Pay Apple and Siri on the wrist

With Apple Watch, the user can make payments via Apple Pay System. To do this, simply closing the terminal box. In addition, the gadget displays notifications received on the iPhone, the weather forecast and the user’s heart rate-among other information. Siri, the Assistant Speaker of the Apple, Apple Watch too.

5. Shazam!

The app Shazam, popular among iPhone users, is one of many that will make Apple Watch version. He is able to identify a song that’s playing in an environment and display your letter on the screen. According to Tim Cook, the Smart Watch has battery lasting 18 hours charge in regular use.

6. Aluminum or steel?

To reload the Apple Watch, simply attach a magnetic connector to your back. One of the versions of the clock is made of a special aluminium, which is 60% more resistant than aluminum and as light as he. The gadgets made of this material will arrive in stores in the United States with 349 and $399 price for small and large models, respectively. Already the steel models are priced between 549 and 1,099 dollars, depending on the color and type of bracelet.

7.12 inch MacBook

As pointed rumors, Apple today announced a new version of the MacBook. With Retina display of 12 inches, the gadget is lighter and thinner than the current models. It weighs 900 grams and is about 13 cm thick.

8. MacBook in three shades

All built in metal, the new MacBook has a screen that consumes 30% less energy than the previous generation of the gadget. In the United States, the 12-inch MacBook hits stores on April 10 with prices starting from 1,299 dollars. Have dark gray finish options, silver and gold.

9. HBO Now

From April, who have Apple TV will be able to subscribe to HBO streaming service Now so spare in the United States. The novelty will cost $14.99 per month. As we all know, Apple TV is the gadget from Apple that allows you to receive video from internet and display it on a tv.

10. Apple TV’s price reduction

Apple TV was cheaper, at least in the United States. Apple has announced that the price of the gadget fell from $99 to $69 as of today. According to the company, about 25 million units of this product have been sold since the launch.

11. Coca Cola

Tim Cook announced that the Apple Pay payment system will be accepted in Coca-Cola machines 40000. According to him, the system launched 3 months already is accepted in 700,000 retail outlets in the United States.

12. Research Kit

One of the new features announced today by Apple is the Research Kit. Back to medical research, this set of software tools will allow iPhone users to participate as volunteers in research done by hospitals and universities. Will be distributed with open source code.

13. Medical research

The first Research-based apps Kit are geared toward research on Parkinson’s disease, asthma, cancer and diabetes. The participation in these studies is voluntary and Apple promises that will not have access to the medical information of the users, who will be treated so classified.

14. CarPlay

In the event today, Apple reported that the major automakers have pledged to adopt the Car Play. Created by Apple, this system connects the vehicle to the iPhone.

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