Watch Pebble Team Supports Bracelets With Heart Rate Monitor And WINS Steel Version

When the Pebble team was announced last week, with a new interface and color screen, there were those who asked for a version of steel instead of plastic. Today, the company reveals the Pebble Team Steel – and that’s not all.

The Pebble Team Steel is made of stainless steel and offers a choice of three finishes-black, silver and gold – as seen in the image above. All of them include steel and leather bracelets.The buttons are more precise, with a pleasant tactile texture in each.

The clock was also 1 mm thicker, but for good reason: the battery is greater, offering 10 days of autonomy, according to the company. He goes for $250 on pre-sale of Kickstarter, and will cost $300 when it is released in July.

If you reserved a Pebble in the Team and wants to trade for a Kickstarter model Steel, no problem: you can change the order without losing your place in line.

Another announcement of Pebble also stands out. See the four pins in the image above? They serve not only to charge the battery: this is an expansion port to, in the future, you connect him bracelets.

This means you can use “smartbands” to add features to the Pebble. Want a heart rate monitor? A GPS? An extra battery? Just use a smart bracelet. As long as the accessory does not require a lot of energy, or have a built-in battery, the sky can be the limit. (Sorry, Phonebloks.)

This allows the Pebble Team become a bracelet of physical activity. Thanks to apps of the Jawbone and Misfit, he can count his steps and monitor your sleep in the background without requiring a connected smartphone.

However, the Pebble is planning on producing smartbands: she opened the door for manufacturers of accessories and the community at large can use it. The CAD specifications for these smartbands will be announced soon.