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Begins September and with it, the usual stir in what rumors and news refers face Christmas campaign that all are already beginning to prepare. This is why we return with our usual Sunday appointment in Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

What better way than with the first edition of the dictionary of words Geek video presenting us our partners of Happing. Truths like fists in a summary that explains all kinds of terms of colloquial form so they are fairly understandable even for the more profane subject matter.

  • September it means back to the routine. And as no, back to school for children. From Technology of your your bring us closer to the field of productivity with the most technology back to school thanks to five applications for mobile. Valid both for kids and for those who already are not so.
  • There are still many users of Android that speak of “ root ” the smartphone you sounds like a Chinese mandarin. To get us out of doubt, nothing better than to venture into that world of the hand of all the article that you wanted to know about Root in the The free Android.
  • The protagonist of this week and the looming, is undoubtedly the next iPhone whose presentation has already been confirmed for September 12. Images and videos of the supposed new iPhone occur more and more frequently. Well, the blog MrAnderson MD echoes of a new video appeared on it we can see a supposed iPhone 5 in operation.
  • On the other hand, the forecasts of some analysts in respect of the marketing of the new generation of iPhone seems to raise blisters in the rear of the executives of some brands. In MovilZona echo of the predictions of the company Piper Jaffray, which has come to say that the terminal would be a turnover between 6 and 10 million units in just the first week. To all this, we say goodbye of definitively to the iPhone 3GS that so many satisfactions to has given a good number of users.
  • Nokia has also given much to talk with the presentation of its new Windows Phone 8-based Lumia terminals. The expected (or desired) turning point in the decadent trajectory of the Espoo might be closer than some predicted, for the glory of the Finns and the acolytes of the Ballmer & CIA. If something has caught the attention of friends and strangers about the new Nokia Lumia 920 has been the incorporation of technology PureView. Nothing better than to take a look at as well is in the Nokia Lumia 920 PureView in Engadget to understand permanently from what it is and how to get maximum performance.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.