Visit Arenal d´en Castell

Visit Arenal d´en Castell

In the northern parts of Menorca in the region of Es Mercadal, there is a cute little town for tourists called Arenal d’en Castell. It is a place that has a larger number of holiday homes and villas but also a smaller number of hotels for travelers from long-distance destinations. The small town has a long sandy beach in the middle and is built around it. Inside the settlement there are four grocery stores, a few souvenir shops and several restaurants and bars that actually strike a blow for the nightlife. Here you can have a drink in the Australian bar, the Irish pub or at Japi´s.

The eastern and western part of the beach

According to Dentistrymyth, Arenal d’en Castell has two parts – the more commercial and hotel-rich part in the west which is located on a cliff, and the eastern part which is dedicated to all private villas and homes. In the eastern half, several snack bars and ice cream parlors have been opened and if you want to look out over the sunset as the evening approaches, you can sit here and have a drink and talk to people. In the western half there are several lunch places and restaurants, which in the evenings during the high season also offer live music or games for children. There are also lifeguards and toilets.

Regardless of which side you look out over the beach or the sea, you are greeted by a spectacular view. Arenal d’en Castell Beach has won a blue European flag symbolizing the high standard.

Things to do in Arenal d’en Castell

This small town offers a range of amenities and activities for young and old. Inside the hotels are several shops and stores as well as some restaurants that serve both British and Italian food alongside some traditional Spanish dishes. You can also meet the evening by having a beer at the resort’s pubs and bars which are open until late. However, there is no nightclub so if you want to dance until the wee hours, you can go to Cuitadella or Mahón. At the entrance to the Arenal d’en Castell, is also the commercial Coves Noves which offers tourists some bars and entertainment until late at night. If you get bored of the usual restaurants, you can instead go here for a bit of variety as you also have a smaller selection here.

In addition to these tips, there is the nearby fishing village of Na Macaret, which serves local food at its two restaurants and here you can walk or take a mini train if you want to be among the Spaniards themselves.

If you are unlucky enough to get sick, you can either look at Arenal d’en Castell’s pharmacy or see a doctor at the small health center in the middle of the village.

In Arenal d’en Castell, the hiking trails begin

On Menorca there is an approximately 186 km long hiking trail that branches out to 20 trails in total. The interesting thing about Arenal d’en Castell is that these trails actually have their beginnings here. This “network” is called GR 223 and many undiscovered beaches, bathing bays and lagoons lie along this long network. From the beginning, the Cami de Cavalls was created as the entire stretch is called, as a link between the various watchtowers and the fortresses on the island. The menorquin horses that are shown at the fiestas are often ridden and these horses are a symbol of the island.

But nowadays these roads are a kind of excursion route where people can look at nature and at the same time get some exercise. In Cami de Cavalls you can ride, cycle and trek and get from one place to another without any problems.

Visit Arenal d´en Castell