Universal’s Volcano Bay Theme Park, Florida

Universal’s Volcano Bay Theme Park, Florida

“Water is Life. Life is Joy “- that is the motto of Universal’s new water theme park. This philosophy, which translated as much as water is life, life is joy, should reflect the carefree attitude of the legendary Waturi. Universal’s Volcano Bay ™ opened on May 25, 2017 and is located near Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure.

Tickets for Universal’s Volcano Bay

One-day tickets to Volcano Bay ™ are currently available for $ 67 (adults) and $ 62 (children). There is also the option of purchasing combination tickets for a visit to the water park, Universal Studios and the Islands of Adventure.

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History of the water theme park

Universal Orlando first published plans for a new water park in February 2015 and in June 2015 it was announced that this would replace Universal’s water park “Wet’n Wild”, which closed on December 31, 2016. For an estimated 600 million US dollars, Volcano Bay, a water park built around an artificial volcano, was finally built on an area of ​​21 hectares.

Four themed worlds for all age groups

The park is divided into four themed worlds: The Volcano, Wave Village, River Village and Rainforest Village.

The Volcano: The volcano in the center of Krakatau ™

In the heart of the recreated island, an artificial fire and water volcano about 60 meters high rises above the tropical landscape. Waterfalls by day and sophisticated lava effects by night draw the eye to the construction, inside of which a literally rousing water slide awaits visitors.


Krakatau ™ Aqua Coaster: In the Aqua Coaster, a four-person canoe takes you through the interior of the volcano, including fog and darkness, at a rapid and winding speed, until the canoe crew sees the light of day again after jumping through a shimmering waterfall.

Ko’okiri Body Plunge ™: This incredible speed slide releases the visitor 38 meters down through a trap door at a 70-degree angle. The transparent tube leads right through the leisure pool “The Reef” in Wave Island.

Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides ™: Where sky and sea meet, it goes boldly downhill. Two guests can enter the intertwined tubes through trap doors at the same time and make their way downstairs.

Punga Racers ™: With the Punga Racers, manta ray mats are used in four tracks through water pipes. The first to cross the finish line is greeted humidly by Punga.

Wave Village: relax and watch

Wave Village is the first of three villages in Universal’s Volcano Bay ™. Here at Waturi Beach there are always perfect waves and those who want can relax in the bubbling water and the warm waves of the lagoon at the foot of the mighty Krakatau ™ or watch the brave adventurers in the 1.65 m deep recreational pool “The Reef” venture into the Ko’okiri Body Plunge ™. The leisure pool has its own small waterfall.

River Village: Perfect for little visitors

With the village on the river, Universal appeals primarily to young visitors.


Honu ika Moana ™: The Honu ika Moana ™ takes a star-shaped raft down two winding slides. Water splashes from the center of the raft for five people.

Tot Tiki Reef ™: The Tot Tiki Reef ™ is one of the pools for the little ones. Shallow with a small water volcano, nice tikis with water coming out of their mouths, smaller slides and funny whales that spray and sing when the children put their hands on them.

Runamukka Reef ™: At the Runamukka Reef ™, little guests can expect bubbling geysers, slides and various other play options. Imaginative sea creatures and seaweed make this pool the most playful in Universal’s Volcano Bay ™.

Kopiko Wai Winding River ™: The Kopiko Wai Winding River is cozy. Here you can drift comfortably through the tropical landscape of the amusement park on swimming rings, occasionally refreshed by a water spray and under the lava rocks the magical night sky of the Stargazer’s Cavern awaits the visitor.

Rainforest Village: The perfect symbiosis of adventure and relaxation

In the rainforest village, the adrenaline junkies in particular get their money’s worth.


Taniwha Tubes ™: The Taniwha Tubes descend four twisted water tubes on an air cushion. The Tiki statues at the exit surprise the visitor with water jets.

Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides ™: The Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides are a rafting adventure for six people and not for the faint of heart. There are two tube slides in which the group descends in wild turns. The starting point offers a fantastic view over the water park.

Puka Uli Lagoon: The Puka Uli Lagoon is another children’s pool with bongo drums and small water fountains.

TeAwa The Fearless River ™: Here you go on the swim ring over swirling rapids along the river.

Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slide ™: In order to get to the Ohyah slide, the visitor first has to climb a cliff and can then set out on the rapid descent. The slide ends about 1.20 meters above the pool, so that a jump into the cool water is guaranteed. To get to the Ohno slide, the visitor must first cross a rope bridge. Here the descent even ends at a height of 1.80 m above the pool.

No long queues thanks to TapuTapu ™

The innovative TapuTapu ™ bracelet saves the visitor wasting time in long lines in front of the individual attractions. After you have queued virtually using the bracelet, you can freely divide your time until it is your turn. In addition, guests can use the TapuTapu ™ to activate interactive surprises, open lockers and make cashless payments within the park.

Hotels and restaurants

Associated hotels can be found both directly in the resort and in the vicinity. As accommodation we recommend the one a few meters away Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Various restaurants are distributed throughout the park. The Kohola Reef Restaurant can be found in the Wave Village right by the volcano. The Dancing Dragons Boat Bar is also waiting there. The River Village has the Whakawaiwai Eats, the Rainforest Village has the Bambu and the more Mexican-themed “The Feasting Frog”. There we will also find the Kunuku Boat Bar. All in all, the Polynesian orientation of the park comes into play with the dishes and the visitor can look forward to more unusual dishes and imaginative compositions in addition to the usual quick dishes.

Special offers

Premium Seating: Two seats can be occupied in advance for $ 29.99 per couple per day. There is a waitress who serves drinks and meals.

Universal Dining Plan ™: Depending on the selection made, this plan includes a package of food, snack, non-alcoholic drink and the option of having your drink refilled throughout the day. The Universal Dining Plan starts at $ 22.99 per person per day.

Address and opening times

Universal’s Volcano Bay ™
6000 Universal Blvd,
Orlando, FL 32819,
Open: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Universal's Volcano Bay Theme Park, Florida