Tiptalk Turns Your Finger a Phone: a Hands-On

TipTalk doesn’t know her? But Samsung do you know. The IT giant has recently founded the C-lab. Engineers can pitch projects, the most exciting have a chance to actually come on the market. The chances for TipTalk are enormous. The gadget can call you, in short, with your finger. How well this works already, we looked at us at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. A hands-on.

“Phone home!” As a child of the eighties, I was of course raised with”E.T.”. And when I was in Las Vegas at the booth of TipTalk, I felt with the cute aliens resembling the legendary scene from the blockbuster. But what TipTalk at all?

When her future sees people on the street, which simulate a call in the ear with a finger, then they could phone may actually. As with TipTalk Samsung engineers have developed a system that can transmit sounds from wearables on the wrist on the body. A dedicated speaker transmits vibrations on bones and tissues, which in turn reach the tip of the finger. The carrier puts then in the ear, the fingers he can actually hear his opponent. Because it is “only” a bracelet, virtually any wearable could therefore upgrade.

It works – very good indeed

These gadgets at C-lab, a creative Division of Samsung were developed. Since 2012 have Koreans supported 100 projects, of which 70 are already implemented and are another 40 still in development. According to its own figures, nine projects have great potential and could actually reach market maturity. The team behind TipTalk has now under the name independent Innomdle lab and successfully brought a first financing round behind him. Actually it’s the first spin-off in the company’s history by Samsung.

I could try out the technology and have to say: I am enormously impressed. Actually, I can hear my counterpart when I hold my finger me on the ear. And so that we don’t understand: I must not put the finger in the ear, but only the area between the jawbone and ears.

“Headset”, smart bracelet and Fitnesstracker in one

Because TipTalk is also a bracelet, I can work any simple the Smartwatch clock to it. Because in addition to the ability to transmit sound over the body, enough sensors in the bracelet, which capture movements and make the Fitnesstracker the device. Small LEDs indicate how close I came my destination and indicate incoming calls.

When the device on the market comes, the team could not say. However, the technology works already quite well what me confident is that these unsightly Bluetooth headset in the future really belong to the past. Currently runs the band only with Android, but the final version should be compatible with all platforms.

My personal view: I think the technology disruptiv. Not only I can turn any simple clock to a fitness tracker with the device, the technology allows me to privacy in a public space without annoying and unsightly Bluetooth headset in the ear – a relic of the 1990s. TipTalk allows every currently available Fitnesstracker look old, current kits in Smartwatches act against it “cheesy”. If the makers behind TipTalk keep its promise and the price remains under $100 or euro, we could have to do it here with the next killer gadget.


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