This Is Samsung’s New Fitness Tracker Supposedly Looks

Update: The pictures are apparently from a video in which Samsung presents a fitness Tracker concept called body compass 2.0. This system connects the YouTube film according to several components such as smart phones, smart clothes and Smartwatches. Whether the predicted fitness Tracker SM R150 is part of the system not is evident from the video; It seems however to be a so far unknown model of gear S2.

Original article: Samsung could soon bring a new fitness Tracker on the market. So far, however, only the name is known: SM-R150. After the Korean company already recently announced an organic processor suitable for wearables, images of the first product could be surfaced now, in which the chip is used, as Fashionruling reported.

The photos were originally surfaced on Twitter, have been removed but now apparently again. A wearable that resembles a Smartwatch is shown in the figures. The material of the bracelet seems to insist, the socket of the display, however, made of metal plastic. In addition, the fitness Tracker has a rotating bezel – as also the Smartwatch gear S2 figures according to.

Samsung’s bio processor could provide long term

The user can navigate through the bezel apparently through the various menus. In addition, the photos show a heart rate measurement function. If the fitness gadget running Android wear, Tizen, or another system is working, is not to refer to the illustrations.

Should be in the fitness Tracker SM R150 really for the first time Samsung’s bio processor are used, the wearable even the percentage of body fat, the skin conductance and temperature could measure. The chip is characterized especially by its small size, low energy consumption and its flexible application possibilities. So far, Samsung itself did not comment about the possible device. If and when the wearable on the market will be, is therefore unclear.