This Commercial Shows How We Always Dreamed Of With Smart Wristwatches

The Galaxy is an ill-fated attempt in Gear create a smart wristwatch. But it was worth it for a reason: the Samsung made a sensational announcement for him, rescuing the history of smartwatches in fiction, and remembering how we dream for a long time with a computer.

Yes, the Samsung device has been criticized in several reviews – including ours – for being basically a beta product. He doesn’t do much, it’s not good at what you do, and still costs a Fortune: 1,300 R$ in Brazil.

However, the video below is really amazing. He was exhibited in the United States, and brings the nostalgia series and cartoons that imagined smart wristwatches before smartphones were possible. Of course, like Huawei watches on EDUCATIONVV, there appears the Galaxy Gear with the phrase “after all these years, it finally is real”.

Some references you certainly know-go, go, Power Rangers! -but others may be a little more obscure. We’re going to them.

Dick Tracy: fictional detective well famous in the USA. Started in comics in 1931, but he also appeared on radio, TV and film. In 1946, the character won a two-way wrist radio; This became your gadget. In 1964, the radio won a TV screen. And, in 1987, he received a computer attached.

Jetsons: the Robinsons wore wristwatches that worked like phone. And, in a 1963 episode, aired a wristwatch that functioned as TV; She reprisava a scene from the flintstones.

Power Rangers: it was through the wrist Communicator the Power Rangers were talking to each other at a distance. They could also use it to teleport. You probably know the “ringtone” from this phone.

Knight Rider (Knight Rider): the highlight of this series of 80 years was the talking car, equipped with the computer K.I.T.T. the protagonist, Michael Knight, was talking to the car through a wristwatch.

Giant robot (Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot): this Japanese 1967 series tells the adventures of a young boy, Johnny Sokko, which could trigger a giant robot-with face of Sphinx. -through a wristwatch.

Inspector Gadget: this drawing of the 80 years tells the story of a police inspector who, after suffering an accident, became a kind of robot with various trinkets, which helped solving mysteries and crimes. One of them was with Penny, the Inspector’s niece: a wristwatch for her to communicate with your smart dog Skull.

Predator: the wrist computer used by Predators is one of the most important technologies of this alien race. It allows you to communicate with others, camouflage the user activate a plasma cannon and even self-destruct.

Star Trek: in the first Star Trek movie, the classic Communicator has evolved to become more portable, and became an object of pulse. With him, it was possible to communicate with the Starship Enterprise.

The video below shows scenes of these works of fiction, in which the characters use their smartwatch clock precursors. Apparently, we keep dreaming about this technology. [The Verge]