The Triumphant Arrival Of Luxury Swiss Smartwatches

What shouldn’t be a surprise because of all the speculation over the topic fell almost like a bomb in specialized vehicles

What many expected it to happen has surfaced: the industry Switzerland officially enters the world of smartwatches.

What shouldn’t be a surprise because of all the speculation over the topic fell almost like a bomb in specialized vehicles.

The reason for this were the brands behind the new development: Frédérique Constant, Alpine and Mondaine-well-known brands for their watches with great cost-benefit, but had not given any sign that mergulhariam of head of the world of digital technology.

The Holidaysort, who must compete with Apple Watch, are a new Swiss company called Manufacture Modules Technologies, result of a partnership between the “wearable” technology company in Silicon Valley Fullpower Technologies and Union Horlogère Holding, owner of the Frédérique Constant brand and Alpina.

The pieces will be presented during Baselworld 2015, which will happen within a few weeks, in the city of Basel in Switzerland.

Although not very familiar, Fullpower team already technology “smart bracelets” Nike, for example. By the end of this year, the claim is that about 10 male and female models are on the market, with delivery starting in June this year, under the name Swiss Horological Smartwatches.

Only two models were announced. One of each brand. The values must begin from an affordable $995, no added taxes and levies.

After all, what do they do?
The appearance of the models strongly reminiscent of that of conventional pointer watches. If you think you will access your emails, send messages and paquerará for your wrist, forget that idea.

The smartwatch clock concept can range from models with calculator from early 1980 to the ultra-tecnológicos today. And these news so exactly between everything you’ve ever seen.

The function of all models to be launched in terms of intelligence will be basically the same.

They will be equipped with a system called MotionX, establishing a two-way communication between iPhone applications and devices with Android operating system.

A subdial at 6 o’clock position is who will deliver some data of “smart”, as moments of activity and rest.

According to the company, the user will have more than 2 years of battery life, automatic adjustment of clock time and day, activity tracker, MotionX, Sleeptracker sleep monitor sleep cycle alarms, activity alerts, training goals with and cloud backup and system restore.

One of the models that incorporate the Mondaine line Helvetica, which honors the famous textual source, presented in mid-2014. Frédérique Constant parts already and Alpina will be named as Frédérique Constant Horological Smartwatch clock and Alpina Horological Smartwatch clock.

As expected – and we express our thoughts in this text here-at the end of the day, there was an adaptation of the market luxury watchmaker to the new technological standards.

With one more opportunity to market conquest, alternative adopted also by Montblanc, that offers the possibility of your users Timewalker model equipping the piece with a “smart strap”, as you’ve read here.