The Time Has Come To Acquire The Desired Technological Accessories

By Leticia Negresiolo

Black Friday is fast approaching and with it, the opportunity to acquire those technological accessories you’ve always dreamed of, but were in addition to your Pocket allowed pay. Split up three of them-which we’ve talked about this year: Apple Watch Sport, Samsung Gear VR, 360 Sport Bike. Check out:

Apple Watch Sport Watch

The Apple Watch Sport is the intelligent Watch Apple made to work in conjunction with the iPhone. He has “all-day” battery, which lasts up to 18 hours a day, operating system iOs 8.2 and the virtual assistant Siri. In addition, it is water resistant, has Bluetooth, WiFi, speaker and microphone.

The watch is available here for R$ 1,890.90.

Samsung Gear VR

The Gear VR from Samsung takes the virtual reality experience to users of stylish watches. How? Simple. It is compatible to various types of content, for example, videos, games and apps. Unlike competitors, it is necessary to have a compatible phone to make use of the appliance, so the content is displayed on the screen of the smartphone and reproduced on the lenses of the Gear VR.

The virtual reality goggles is available here by R$ 599.00.

360 Sport bike

The 360 Sport Bike is the new model of Motorola’s smart clock back to physical activities. He relies on sensors to register your speed, distance, distance and heart rate. In addition, he has access to fitness Android apps. Another differentiator of the watch is the AnyLight Bike technology, which reads in internal and external environments. The 360 Sport Bike brings the possibility of playing songs without being with the cell phone around. Specs: 4 GB internal memory; 512 MB RAM; and 3000 mAh battery.

The watch is available here for R$ 2,201.43.