The Huawei Watch Is A Smart Luxury Watch A Little Too Big

While Android manufacturers like LG, Motorola and Asus already work in the second generation of its smartwatches, Huawei decided to enter the market just now. Announced in Barcelona earlier this year, Huawei Watch finally ready to conquer. And he’s a good product, but with room for improvement.

Smartwatches are taking a rather different design direction of smartphones. While companies try to offer smartphones with more for less, as the new Moto X and 2, smartwatches OnePlus trying to attract an audience willing to spend more for a luxury item. Manufacturers are putting gold and silver in these clocks to make them more formal. Apple has a that cost $10,000 and the Android Wear are not far behind, with Tag Heuer and other options.

The Huawei Watch mira the second category – not ridiculously expensive, but it’s not exactly cheap. Ranging from $350 to $800, Huawei wants these to be Android watches Wear top-of-the-line, and they really stand out from the others in terms of appearance.

Metal clocks use a butterfly clasp that is super easy to put on and take off, and leather options work like normal bracelets of watches. The bracelets also are removable – are six options between stainless steel case and leather bracelets, gold or steel.

However, let’s give Huawei Watch the same diagnosis that we gave in March – it is too big.Look at that!

Alone so he doesn’t look so great. But let’s compare it with my watch Komono, and so you can get a sense of how big this thing is.

In comparison with the 10, 5 mm of the Pebble, the 9 mm Steel of LG G Watch R, or the 7, Asus ZenWatch9, the Huawei Watch really stands out with its 11, 3 mm thick. And you end up realizing that, in the case of smartwatches, a few millimeters make the difference. But at least we’re not fooled by the “flat tire” Bike 360 – here she is entirely circular.

In relation to other technical specifications, it has nothing different from what is already offered by other devices – 400 Snapdragon processor, 300mAh battery, AMOLED screen with 286 pixels per inch (behind a scratch-resistant sapphire glass), and, of course, running Android Wear 1.3. He will also be available to iOS users, according to a recent announcement. Regarding the battery, which is always a problem when we talk about wearable, Huawei says the Watch can handle up to two days, which is spectacularly vague.It has compatibility with quick recharging and can go from zero to 80% battery in just 45 minutes.

The Huawei Watch is one of the most beautiful Android watches ever released, but beauty doesn’t hide the fact that he was too big and neither justifies your price higher. But if you don’t care about any of that and liked the design of Huawei, maybe that’s the best Android Wear smartwatch clock for you.

Technical Specifications Of The Huawei Watch

OS: Android Wear 1.3
CPU: 400 Snapdragon (1.2 GHz)
Fabric: 1.4-inch AMOLED
Resolution: 400 × 400
Pixels per inch: 286ppi
Memory: 512 MB
Storage: 4 GB
Battery: 300mAh
Thickness: 11.3 mm
Wireless charging: no
Wifi: Yes
Sensors: accelerometer, Gyroscope, heart rate monitor, barometer.
Waterproof: no
Price: Between $350 and $800