The Apple Watch Will Have The Same Problem-All The Smartwatches

Apple Watch battery should last about 19 hours. It will need to be placed in making every night and not serve as sleep monitor

São Paulo – the Apple couldn’t fix the main problem of intelligent watches: how they handle after a load on the battery.

The company had already revealed that the Apple Watch need to be plugged into every night. No additional detail on the subject had been released.

Now, the site specializes in Apple, got the first information on the subject with people involved in the development of the watch. They claim that the issue of battery life throughout the day was one of the main concerns of Apple during the creation of the clock.

This question would have been, including the cause of the delay in the launch of the watch. He, initially, would be released at the end of 2014, but ended up being pushed out to 2015.

In General, the Apple Watch battery will perform very similar to what is already seen between the clocks with Android – place here on the list the clocks of Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony .

Apparently, combining the active and the standby period, Apple Watch will hold approximately of 19 hours of operation.

Of course this number will depend on how the user uses the clock-as with a smartphone, a tablet or a notebook .

According to youremailverifier, supplies the watch could take from 2.5 to 4 hours running active applications and with the screen on. At rest, with the screen turned off, he should hold two to three days.

If the goal of the user to use the functionalities of the health watch, he must be able to perform up to 4 hours of physical exercises with the same battery life.

The need to charge the battery every day gadget seems to be real. With that, rules out the possibility of using the Apple Watch for sleep monitoring.

Apple must be able to increase the autonomy of the clock for each battery charge to the next version – just as it is expected that the clocks running Android as well improve this same question.


Other information obtained by 9to5Mac is on the processor. Apple should use a chip called S1 for the Watch. He would be very close in ability A5 – chip processing that is used in the iPod Touch and it was released as the chip the iPhone 4s .

Already the system is a simplified version of the iOS, which is inside of iPads and iPhones. She has a nickname, which is SkiHill.

About of 3,000 units are with people who are testing the gadget in actual conditions of daily life.

The Apple Watch should be launched in March, according to rumors. The date has not yet been released by Apple.