Swipp Is a New Mobilepay Competitor

Mobilepay-Swipp is a competitor from a number of banks.

Since the beginning of may in which Danish Bank launched MobilePay, the application downloaded over 100,000 times. It may have been to get other banks out of backsides.

In any case, a number of banks, which similarly Swipp ready with makes it possible to transfer money from the smart phone, simply by entering the recipient’s mobile phone number.

Jyske Bank is one of the participating banks writes that Swipp can be used regardless of the bank, if both you and the recipient is enrolled Swipp. Immediately, however, we could not find an original Swipp application. The feature is apparently as part of the delta genes banks General online banking.

Swipp is a collaboration mellom Nordea, Nykredit, Workers’ land bank, Spar Nord Bank, Sydbank, Jyske Bank and Local Bank.
MobilePay from Danske Bank is an independent application for iOS and Android, which can be used by everyone, including those who do not are a customer in the country’s largest bank.