State Route 33 and 43 in Pennsylvania

State Route 33 and 43 in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Route 33

Get started Bethlehem
End Stroudsburg
Length 28 mi
Length 45 km
→ Allentown / New York

Freemansburg Pike

Easton Avenue

→ Allentown / Easton

Hecktown Road

Easton-Nazareth Highway



Wind Gap

Pen Argyli



Manor Drive

→ Stroudsburg

Hamilton East

→ Cleveland / New York

According to watchtutorials, State Route 33 is a state route and freeway in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The highway forms a north-south connection in the northeast of the state and runs from the city of Bethlehem to Stroudsburg, parallel to the New Jersey border. The highway is 45 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The southern terminus of State Route 33.

The highway begins on the south side of Bethlehem at Interstate 78, the highway from Harrisburg to New York, then runs 2×2 lanes north, intersecting US 22, the northern bypass of the Allentown Conurbation. The highway then runs north through the ridges of the Appalchian Mountains and ends at Interstate 80 at Stroudsburg. Thus, SR-33 links the Allentown and Scranton conurbations.


According to, construction of the freeway began at Saylorsburg in 1959 and opened in 1960, then continued to I-80 in 1963-1964. Construction began in 1969 on the southernmost section from US 22 to the north, which was subsequently opened in stages between 1970 and 1972, completing the north-south highway. Since then, the highway has also been numbered as State Route 33.

Later, Interstate 78 was rerouted south at Allentown and Easton, extending State Route 33 south from US 22 to I-78. This link opened to traffic on January 20, 2002.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 40,000 to 57,000 vehicles drive the southernmost section between I-78 and US 22, then 57,000 vehicles as far as Nazareth. Further north, traffic volumes are lower, with 30,000 to 34,000 vehicles per day to Wind Gap and 34,000 to 38,000 vehicles to US 209. The northernmost section up to I-80 handles 23,000 vehicles per day.

State Route 43 in Pennsylvania

Begin White House
End Jefferson Hills
Length 66 mi
Length 106 km
0 → Morgantown / Baltimore1 Cheat Lake

West Virginia/Pennsylvania state line

2 Point Marion

4 Haydentown

8 Fairchance

Morgantown Road

Walnut Hill Road




15 Northgate Highway

18 New Salem

22 Brownsville

26 Bull Run Road

28 Centerville


32 California

34 Elco

36 → Columbus / Harrisburg

39 Charleroi

44 Caroll Twp

48 Union Twp

54 Jefferson Hills

State Route 43 or SR-43 is a state route and partial toll road in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Most of the route is a highway, connecting the area south of Pittsburgh to that city. The route is 106 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The highway begins on the border with West Virginia and then continues as a toll road northeast, passing the town of Uniontown. The SR-43 then turns northwest and has a second toll section. The highway then crosses the Monongahela River via a high bridge and then heads north, passing the urbanized zone along the river. At Charleroi, one crosses Interstate 70, an east-west highway from Columbus to Baltimore. The toll road then continues north and ends in the southernmost suburbs of Pittsburgh.


The State Route 43 at Monongahela.

State Route 43, also known as the Mon–Fayette Expressway, is part of a toll corridor from Morgantown in West Virginia to Pittsburgh. Construction on the highway began in 1973, and in 1977 the first 2 miles opened at Fredericktown, a toll-free section from US 40 to the southwest. In the early 1980s, this section was extended 3 kilometers north to California. As financing for new highways in Pennsylvania became difficult in the 1980s, the road was turned over to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, making it a toll road.would become. On October 12, 1990, a 10-mile section between US 40 and I-70 opened to traffic. In November 1992, a six-mile section between Uniontown and Fairchance opened to traffic in the south of the state and is toll-free.

On March 1, 2000, an eight-mile stretch from the West Virginia border to Fairchance opened to traffic. On April 12, 2002, a 17-mile stretch opened from I-70 north to SR-51 in Jefferson, into the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh. Then the construction of the middle section began. On October 23, 2008, a 14-mile stretch between US 40 south of Brownsville and Uniontown opened. On July 16, 2012, the missing link opened around Brownsville, including a major bridge over the Monongahela River.

Opening history

Van Unpleasant Length Datum
28 Centerville 30 US 40 3 km 00-00-1977
30 US 40 32 California 3 km 00-00-198x
32 California 36 I-70 6 km 12-10-1990
8 Fairchance Uniontown / US 40 6 km 00-11-1992
West Virginia state line 8 Fairchance 13 km 01-03-2000
36 I-70 54 Jefferson Hills 27 km 12-04-2002
Uniontown 22 Brownsville 14 km 23-10-2008
22 Brownsville 28 Centerville 10 km 16-07-2012


Jefferson Hills – Pittsburgh

A route decision has been made for the northward extension of State Route 43 from Jeffersonville to Interstate 376 in Monroeville. This project will cost $3.6 billion and funding is a problem because a portion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission revenues must go to public transit projects in the state. As a result, not all toll revenues can be used to expand and maintain the toll road network. SR-43 will become part of the Southern Beltway in suburban Pittsburgh, which also includes State Route 576. Ultimately, the Southern Beltway should be renumbered as I-576.

The first phase includes an eight-mile stretch from Jeffersonville to Duquesne. This part will cost $900 million. The tender started in August 2022.

State Route 43 in Pennsylvania