Sightseeing in Estonia

Sightseeing in Estonia

In our offer you will find, for example, study trips to Estonia by the Northern Europe specialist TUI Wolters and by Gebeco, one of the most experienced study trip organizers worldwide. On such a round trip you will experience the Baltic cities, the diverse culture and the incomparable nature of the country. You visit the ruins of the castle that burned down in 1688 in the health resort of Haapsalu and enjoy the pleasant seaside atmosphere in the seaside resort of Pärnu. Significant cultural and historical sites await you in Tallinn, such as the Church of Saints, the late Gothic cathedral and the former city castle, which is surrounded by the towers “Big Margaret” and “Tall Hermann”. In the charming capital, the unique mix of all cultures that were based here becomes particularly clear to the visitor. Tallinn is therefore also the ideal starting point for a round trip to Estonia. On a study tour through Estonia you also have the opportunity to to enjoy the vast nature of the Baltic States to the full. Explore, for example, the many islands in the Baltic Sea, the huge Lake Peipus with its secluded beaches or visit a true paradise for nature lovers: the Lahemaa National Park on the coast.

Town Hall Square in Tallinn

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, has some sights and places of interest to offer. This also includes the Rathausplatz, which is in the middle of the old town. Numerous tourists visit the imposing square in the big city on the Gulf of Finland every year.

Historic buildings and sights on Rathausplatz

There are some historical buildings (merchants’ houses) around the town hall square, with the town hall and the council pharmacy standing out. A stone is embedded in the floor of the Rathausplatz, which marks the center of the city. From here, visitors can see all five of Tallinn’s spiers. To do this, however, they have to stretch a little.

The town hall square – full of life in every season

There are numerous cafés on Rathausplatz. In the warm season, guests can sit outside and enjoy the food outside. Fairs and other events (e.g. open-air concerts) also take place on the square.

During the Christmas season there is a fairytale Christmas market on the large square. There is always a large Christmas tree in the middle and small huts around it. The Christmas market has been held on the square every winter since 1441.

Visit of the Town Hall Square on study trips to Tallinn

Due to the historical buildings, the diverse gastronomic offer and the numerous events, the Town Hall Square in Estonia Travel to Tallinn is an interesting place to linger and explore.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a landmark and is located in the capital of Estonia – Tallinn. The spectacular building with its impressive onion domes is Estonia’s most important Russian Orthodox church. It is located between the residence of the German ambassador and the Estonian parliament and was named after the Russian saint and national hero Alexander Yaroslawitsch Newski.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral with its red and white facade and its neat onion domes was built in 1900, when Estonia was part of Tsarist Russia. A statue for Martin Luther was actually planned at the location of the impressive church, but its erection was forbidden by Russian authorities at the time. Today, after these religious contradictions are long gone, the cathedral is an architectural masterpiece.

Beautiful inside and out

The church, designed by Russian architect Mikhail Preobranzhenski, is richly decorated and definitely worth a visit. Tallinn’s mightiest ensemble of bells is located in the steeple of the cathedral. There are eleven bells in total, the most powerful of which weighs around 16 tons, which is more than the other ten bells combined. The contemplative carillon can be heard regularly before the services. The rest of the interior with its beautiful icons and mosaics is also worth a visit. You have to take some time to see all the details and pretty little things. But everyone should always keep in mind that this is a house of God where people pray and want to do so undisturbed.

Olaikirche Tallinn

Olai Church is one of the main attractions in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The church on the edge of the old town, which is also the city’s landmark, is well worth seeing and is the largest medieval building in the city. The building, which was built in the 13th century, is named after the Norwegian King Olav II Haraldsson. The magnificent interior of the church is mainly characterized by the arched nave and other huge vaults. The building also has barrier-free access. The church tower has a height of 124 meters. From the tower, which can be climbed from April to October, you have an overview of the entire old town of Tallinn. With the tower, the Olaikirche is still one of the 20 tallest churches in the world.

Starting point of the Reformation in Tallinn

The Gothic church looks back on a very eventful and eventful past. In the past centuries the building burned down three times. One of these fires in 1625 also killed the tower, which at that time was the tallest building in the world at 159 meters. After that, the tower was rebuilt, but got its current size of 124 meters. In addition, the Olaikirche was the starting point of the Reformation in Tallinn in 1524. Visiting the Olai Church in Tallinn is free. Climbing the tower with a total of 234 steps costs two euros (children: one euro). Entry to the tower is also free for Tallinn Card holders.

Sightseeing in Estonia