Shardlands Comes to Android, One Adventure Science Fiction Full of Puzzles and Action

The Finnish independent developer Breach Entertainment brings us to our devices Android with Jelly Bean or higher your adventure of puzzles and action Shardlands that it was originally for iOS releasing in October 2012 and that hitherto was exclusive to Apple devices.

Shardlands takes us to a strange world on a planet alien full of mysteries that we tour and explore the trails of different levels to find the keys that allow the Dawn star can activate an old machine to return home.

At each level we will have to collect orbs, move different elements of the scenario to resolve the challenging puzzle to move forward through their mazes, monsters-ending or pass quietly to not be discovered, and find the keys to that old machine level.

The game features a graphical 3D high quality and a very neat soundtrack. The controls are very simple to move the character just have to click on the road that we want to continue. Shardlands for Android It is a free download but you can only play at many levels with advertising. To enjoy its 25 levels and their epic final will have, and no advertising, will have to pay 2.99 EUR.

Shardlands Version 1.1.5

  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: Breach Entertainment
  • Download it in: Google Play