Samsung Gear 2: The Intelligent Left Wrist Watch Android Aside

As expected, Samsung announced the evolution of Galaxy Gear, smart wristwatch launched only five months. In Gear 2, the biggest change is that he changed the Android by Tizen, open source operating system that makes the battery last longer – and give the Samsung a sense of independence.

It is worth noting that, even without run Android, the Gear 2 is compatible with “dozens” of smartphones and tablets from Samsung, instead of the limited selection of original Gear. If you have a cell phone from another manufacturer, it will not be compatible.

The screen maintains the Super AMOLED display of 1.63 inches and 320 × 320 resolution.But there are some internal upgrades: the Gear 2 has a dual-core processor 1 GHz, instead of the single-core 800 MHz in the previous model.

The clock was certified IP67, that is, it is resistant to water and dust. He also won an independent music player and a heart rate monitor, making it more suitable to track your physical activity.

You can still make and answer calls on the wrist, receive notifications of apps, use S Voice to issue commands by voice, and also control your home theater using new infrared blaster present on the clock. Are 68 g, less than the 73.8 g of the original gear.

In addition, the 2MP camera now sits above the screen, not in hbbltd; so you can switch between bracelets-in colors black, Brown and orange – which seems to be the last of the perks. After all, bad been five months since the original.

Samsung does not say how much the Gear 2 will cost, but we hope that it will be less expensive than the $300 (1,300 R$ in Brazil) of your predecessor.

Another novelty here is the Gear 2 Neo: it may end up being the smartwatch clock that Samsung should have done from the beginning. He is basically the same as the Gear 2, but leaves the camera that nobody wanted, and reduces the weight to 55 g. And it will probably be cheaper, though the price has not yet been revealed.

That is, if the Gear didn’t care much, probably there’s not much here to entice you – the new models are very close to the original.

And, on paper at least, the move to Citizen seems to benefit more the Samsung that its clients, a Google warning that she’s quite willing to invest in alternatives to Android. It does not need to be a Galaxy to face the world.

The biggest advantage of the Citizen is to ensure the 2 3 days of battery life, as promises the Samsung; the previous model lasted 25 hours. It will be interesting to see if the Citizen can at least make the Gear a bit more agile than your predecessor. But it’s hard to imagine if he can solve the problem of apps, that still sounds unfinished.

We’ll know more when we can experience the Gear and Gear 2 2. But, for now, two things are clear. First, the Galaxy looked like a beta product original Gear because it really was.Second, and more important: Samsung is ready to imagine a world without Android on a broader scale than ever before. This experiment can have repercussions that go far beyond two wristwatches. [Samsung]