Samsung Galaxy SIII Sweeps in The Engadget 2012 Awards, What Have Apple and Google to Provide in This Respect?

If something was quite clear yesterday in the course of 2012 Engadget awards gala to us was that smartphones are, at least right now, gadgets that “take you heart” to the vast majority of readers from Engadget.

We do not say it, ojo, you leave it clear especially after having entirely dedicated the three Community Awards three smartphones, above all the gadgets that daily pass under the gaze of Engadget.

As mentioned, yesterday the topic “chicha” came when winners unveiled is to best smartphones of the year (cheers and jeers in the public), with the popular ultra Samsung Galaxy SIII to head, In addition to the iPhone 5 and the Nexus 4 in second and third place, respectively. Let’s review, to view mode, the weight of these three actors in the hectic world of mobile telephony currently.

Samsung Galaxy SIII, undeniable sovereignty

The big winner of the day in the category of best smartphones of the year was the current flagship of the Korean firm, Samsung Galaxy SIII. Their specifications, your welcome and the great marketing campaign Samsung have done much in their favor.

Such is the popularity of the terminal which does shadow almost absolute way to other similar terminals in competition, or if not that is to say the battered HTC One X, one of the most undervalued terminals of the current generation.

The keys to the success of this Galaxy SIII, both in popularity as technically speaking, we can assess them in the following way: their supposed specifications began swarming and raise expectation almost a year ago (as happens now with his successor), and your own Samsung added fuel to the fire delaying your presentation until well beyond the framework of the MWC in Barcelona (somewhat atypical in the signature), which provided a whole maelstrom of rumors and the potential increase of the “hype” that was around him.

It was time to meet him, and turned out to be that the terminal breaking sharply with the aesthetics the previous models and, to make matters worse, not only he met promised in the rumors about its technical merits, but it had numerous improvements that I didn’t, in addition to its software, which also had several strong points.

Its durability (due to the beloved and hated lightweight plastic body), the wide range of colors that has emerged over time, and the presence of the terminal in the catalogues of all the most important operators (in addition to its sale in free format) were also determinants. Samsung has played a winning horse and it has successful.

iPhone 5: the most anticipated, the most controversial

The irony of this “Top 3” of smartphones to the Engadget Awards 2012 arrives when we observe that two phones of reference in the market, each in his field (an iPhone and a Nexus) have been relegated to a second y third Since respectively.

The iPhone 5 arrived loaded with hundreds of previous rumors (even more even with the Galaxy SIII) and with a such high expectation, primarily by being the first iPhone without the total protection of Jobs, that perhaps this time more to benefit you, you have seriously injured.

As I said yesterday one of the experts invited in one of the “Meet the Experts” that we enjoyed before the gala, Apple is the company “of the disappointments”: each new creation is a disappointment for the public, although it is then sold like hotcakes.

This time the iPhone 5 has fallen squarely in the trap of “expectation” and have been really hurt by this, even Apple is aware. There’s no denying, nonetheless that the iPhone 5 is a phone that always appears at the top of the technical lists: on this occasion the own Apple has been responsible for designing its (dual core) processor getting amazing performance, above other quad-core.

Has also made the leap, after five previous models using the same screen, to the four inches size. The massive disappointment by critics and the public about the iPhone 5 comes with the decision of increase your price, pass the massive use of the elegant glass to a greater presence of the fragile aluminum (which is lighter than the glass), and, above all (great ballast of the iPhone 5) almost nil real innovations that brings iOS 6 (to say nothing of their controversial maps).

Even so, the iPhone 5, as terminal, is one of the best options that we can take into account if we think in renovating our current terminal.

Nexus 4, the Bell at cost of Google

Samsung Galaxy SIII is the King of the terminals in 2012, the iPhone 5 (with all that entails its name) is the most popular of all existing terminals for years, but, what about Google? Because Google, After several years with your Nexus brand, He has decided to give the bombshell largest since its Nexus One (i.e. not much bigger).

In addition to the arrival of the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, the new Nexus 4, tablets manufactured by LG, supposed to hit harder the industry of mobile (high-end) manufacturers in a very long time.

The Nexus-4 is a high range that terminal Ok, in its 8GB model free, just 300 euros. Neither the operators nor other manufacturers are able to compete against that. Such is the buzz right now is completely sold out and Google is trying to manage as the avalanche based on promise dates for replenishment of stock can.

The terminal, if it was little, has a design and technical performance of high range It will convince everyone, so it is a fairly important candidate for the majority of users who have purchased a smartphone.

Another of the qualities of the Nexus 4, as in the case of the Apple iPhone 5, is that it is of the Mobile reference within the own creative brand of operating system, it is always the first terminal all tide of Android devices to receive updates.

Do these great smartphones have much success in our country?

Good question. The answer is a resounding No. In Spain the most acclaimed smartphones are the low range or input, with the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the Samsung Galaxy Mini to the head.

The vast majority of terminals sold this year in Spain (including these two entry-level models) they are Android, “four cats” Spanish, will have system which includes the Samsung Galaxy SIII (which enjoys a great popularity, as we have already mentioned, but is still very expensive) and the Nexus 4, for now due to shortage of units.

The iPhone has noticed a sharp decline in sales, because, in part, the predominant majority of Android devices, and also because of the “not so good” sales of the new iPhone 5 figures.

Anyway, the magic of this dance of data is that, as much as intuyamos about the topic, we are Unable to guess what will happen in the next 12 months: Hundira Google to other manufacturers? Will a 5S iPhone with pentagonal design appear? Do you buy Samsung all South Korea?

The answers, as always, on Engadget Mobile.