Samsung Brings Smart Clock Gear S3 To Brazil By 2,199 R$

Samsung announced at the end of August , the smartwatch clock your latest Gear S3. He is coming to Brazil, and the previous models fall in price.

The Samsung S3 Gear will be released next Monday (12) by 2,199 R$, Classic versions (more like a traditional wristwatch) and Frontier (with sporty look). Both will be available in stores from Samsung and the large-scale retail.

For your time, the Gear S2 is still for sale, but with a suggested retail price of 1,699 R$; and the bracelet Gear Fit2- more centered on physical activities – falls to 1,199 R$. It is worth noting that these are full prices; the shops can apply discounts and these values must be smaller in practice.

 From top to bottom: Gear, Gear Fit 2 S3 and S2 Gear

The Gear S3 coming to Brazil Wi-Fi version only for now. As explains Renato Citrini, Senior Manager of bracelet watches in Brazil, with 4 g version uses a chip called eSIM (embedded SIM), but he is not provided for in regulation of Anatel.

The problem is not the technology, but rather on portability: carriers in Brazil still have no system to migrate more lines, and this chip cannot be removed from the appliance. Samsung suggested Anatel to trade the clock of the customers on the other identical to make portability, second but not agency Citrini accepted.

The Gear S3 has some improvements compared to the predecessor. It has built-in GPS to track your physical activity without relying on the smartphone; allows you to transfer up to 4 GB of songs to listen to with the clock via Bluetooth; and bring a bigger battery (mAh 380 against 250 mAh) lasting up to four days.

The clock won altimeter (to measure upper floors climbed or descended) and barometer, which detects sudden changes in atmospheric pressure and warns that the weather can be bad. In addition, it comes with Samsung Pay, allowing you to pay for NFC and MST (safe magnetic transmission), which simulates the magnetic stripe of your card.

The most notable difference, however, is in size: the Gear S3 has 46 mm wide, against 42 mm of your predecessor. Citrini acknowledges that he should have a larger appeal to the male audience in relation to the Gear S2.

The Gear S3 has several similarities with regard to your predecessor: it maintains the rotary control to the interface as well as resolution 360 x 360 screen, the heart rate sensor and IP68 resistance to dust and water (but it is not recommended to swim with him). In addition, it continues running Citizen – and Citrini says there is no forecast for clockwork from Samsung with Android Wear.

The Citizen has some advantages, such as greater duration of battery: the Gear S3 I come really hard about four testing days; the Asus Zenwatch 3, with Android Wear, has slightly smaller battery (340 mAh) but not spent two days in my tests.

Samsung recalls coming to bet developers in stimulating Citizen, including an initiative called Ocean, which provides training and support for startups (including financial contribution). It is located on the campus of USP in São Paulo, at the production engineering of Poli. There are only three centres of its kind in the world: one in South Korea, another in the USA, and another in Brazil.

However, the Citizen has a major limitation: you can only install or update apps in Gear S3 (or S2) If you use it with Samsung smartphones – otherwise, you can only use the pre-installed apps and change the faces of the clock.

Citrini says this is because the Samsung “no way in the environment” of competition for smartphones apps be installed off of Galaxy phones. The Gear S2 and S3 require smartphones running Android 4.4 or higher and at least 1.5 GB of RAM.

The smartwatches have not yet proved useful to the general public, and the global sales are falling since the second quarter, according to IDC. Still, are you interested in?