Qualcomm Toq: An Interesting Concept Of Smart Watch

Despite my opinion that smartwatches should not exist (unless it’s the Pebble, or something intuitive and elegant), I was quite impressed with what little I saw of the Qualcomm Toq.Considered the anti-Galaxy Gear (for us!), this is your nature stripped jam-packed inside a 1.5-inch display that he remembers an improved version of Dick Tracy wristwatch phone.And that’s a good thing.

Firstly, it is lightweight. Don’t tell us the exact measurements – and he wasn’t exactly something to store in your pocket – but he is not heavier than a plastic wristwatch or something like that. The screen is thin-so thin that you forgive yourself for thinking that it’s just a common watch Toq, and not something full of technology. The bracelet smartwatch, plastic, doesn’t look cheap, and was very well designed, as you can see in the picture below. I’m not sure how long the hardware would last, considering the nature of the plastic, but I’m sure that if Qualcomm has serious plans to sell the Toq (or to convince manufacturers to gamble on the idea), the materials should be refined, or at least colorful bracelets or metallic options should be offered.

It works as follows: touch the sleeve below the display to go back to the home menu. Touch the bracelet over the display and adjust the Mirasol screen so that she gets better when you are under the sunlight. The screen, a low-energy Panel that is typically found in eReaders colorful, easy to read and married well with the user interface.

The model that we saw was still a prototype (he crashed several times), but, when it worked, the capacitive display did not submit any slowness – be it by sliding menu responsive, or pair with an HTC One via Bluetooth. Compatible with all Android devices 4.0 + (a Qualcomm chipset is not necessary), the app allows the partner of Toq menus design; the actions that can be seen by the clock; the cities shown on the app and some other settings such as auto-replies sent to who cares for you.

The battery, which lasts three to four days after 90 minutes in recharge wireless charger (a nice black box that opens to fit the clock and uses Qualcomm WiPower technology), is positioned on closing, helping to keep the thin display. As there is no Wi-fi, data connection, speakers or camera, it’s not as powerful as the options of Samsung or Sony, but I found this cool-other people who get off with these smartwatches may not agree. But I will admit that the idea of being able to see the music control and skip tracks slipping a few times something on your wrist is tempting, and get check calendar appointments, emails and text messages received and other things without having to take the Pocket smartphone (something that only serves to distract us even more, especially if the email or the message is not important) is a good thing.

The big point here is that it is unlikely that you ever put your hands on one of these. Qualcomm created the Toq as a concept; they are in search of OEMs interested in the idea, and will consider a sale online limited. Each Toq will cost about $300.