Qualcomm Also Has A Smart Watch And He Is The Opposite Of Galaxy Gear

Happy day smart watches! Let’s welcome with open arms the new companion of party: Qualcomm. That’s right, the manufacturer of the Snapdragon chips will make your own clock – the Toq-directly to consumers. And is different from the Galaxy Gear from Samsung.

He’s more than a gadget accessory regardless. Think of an improved clock, not a “phone on your wrist”, as proposed by Samsung. The Galaxy Gear has a “more is more” approach, while Qualcomm Toq is minimalist to the Max.

Low Power Consumption

The 1.5-inch screen of the Mirasol Panel-Toq is a technology designed to initially eReaders that minimizes the need for colored lighting to be sharp even with sunshine. The capacitive touchscreen is minimized when not in use to conserve battery power. In relation to connectivity, it uses Bluetooth. There is no Wi-Fi or cellular data connection to burn energy around here. Or speakers. Or microphone. Or camera. But he has an accelerometer, which theoretically causes for apps from physical exercises.

Qualcomm claims the Toq battery can last up to two days. Is not eternal, but it’s not bad for something with a color touchscreen. To impress more, Toq is a device that is always connected: he has no off switch.

So Toq’s proposal goes beyond what any other good running watch can do according to Growtheology: he wants to hold a long and busy day, and that’s what you need, right?

When it’s time to load, the Toq can retrieve your energy in a case that also doubles as a wireless charger, using Qualcomm’s proprietary technology called WiPower. Oh, and it also comes with two Bluetooth headsets.

A Single Partner

Without Wi-Fi, most Toq features (in addition to showing the time like a watch) is the possibility of being paired with a smartphone with Android 4.0 or higher. Through an app, users can control which notifications are sent to the clock, and everything that appears in the notification bar can be shown at Toq.

On the device, the options of interaction — and reading-are limited. Shoot a message to a list of prewritten drafts, confirm appointments on the calendar, pick up phone calls. But don’t expect anything like reading e-mail or enter the web; the interface is based on a stack of cards that you go dropping one by one. It’s simple by design and intentionally nothing like Android.

Good For The Eyes

The Toq isn’t monstrously big. He is great, but that’s the way to accommodate your screen.It’s not clumsy. The flexible bracelet allows the battery to go into the device without it to be just a single huge bracelet. And her insides are relatively modest, with the relatively thin screen. It is elegant in the way that it is possible to wait at that point of the game.


Qualcomm is known for creating pieces that are used by other companies, but now things are different. The Toq intends to show possibilities of smart watches for all companies who want to jump on the boat, and it will be made available to the public in limited quantities, with the possibility of becoming more common case fall like the public.

We were able to test a little the Toq, and like most first generation smartwatches, he is not yet at the stage of mass production. Its capacitive screen can be a little iffy, but resembles a smartwatch clock. A good watch, but still with a bit of that face of a pulse calculator.

He has the potential for early-adopters who want wearable technology but not animated with the Pebble. Whether it will shape the future of smartwatches, it’s hard to say.

So far it has not been informed the availability and price, but you can register your email on the website of Qualcomm to be notified when it is to be released.