Qatar 2006

Qatar 2006

Yearbook 2006

Qatar. The TV channel al-Jazira, which has its headquarters in Qatar, began broadcasting in English on November 15. It happened ten years after the premiere in Arabic. In 2007, the channel planned to broadcast around the clock. Initially, they were sent twelve hours a day.

According to CountryAAH, major public holidays in Qatar include Independence Day (December 18) and New Year (January 1). Qatar’s relations with Jordan and Tunisia were strained during the year. Tunisia closed its embassy in Doha in October in protest of al-Jazira sending two interviews with an opposition leader calling for civil disobedience against Tunisian President Zayn al-Abidin Ben Ali. Saudi Arabia protested similarly in 2002 to al-Jazira since the channel aired a TV debate on a Saudi peace plan for the Middle East.

Jordan was annoyed that Qatar, which had a seat on the UN Security Council during the year, did not back Jordan’s candidate for the post of UN Secretary General, Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad, in a test vote in October. Qatar is said to have voted for South Korea’s foreign minister Ban Ki Moon, who was eventually appointed to succeed Kofi Annan.

Qatar was one of the Arab countries trying to support the Palestinian Authority (Palestinian National Authority) when the outside world decided to withdraw its support for the PNA since the Hamas terrorist stamp won the Palestinian elections in January. In December, the United States objected to Qatar offering to pay teacher salaries for 40,000 PNA staff teachers.

Qatar also worked on constructing a 36-mile-long gas pipeline on the bottom of the Gulf of Persia to the United Arab Emirates.

Qatar Map with Surrounding Countries

Qatar Overview

Qatar is a fast-growing Arab country with the world’s second largest GDP. The capital, Doha, has great opportunities for gift shopping. Qatar is an Islamic country where there is reason to behave correctly. Revealing clothing, public displays of affection, and appearing in public places under the influence of alcohol should be avoided.

Area: 11,586 km²

Population: 2,444,174 (estimate 7/2020)

Capital: Doha

Languages: Arabic

Religion: Islam, to some extent also Christians and other religious minorities.

Form of government: Monarchy