Products That Integrate Fixed and Mobile on a Bill to How Little Value The Software. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

We are entering an era that week after week we can not take away your raincoat and it shows that the end of the year reaches, but not why we have less news in the blogosphere. New rates, discussions or awards have occupied a week with a variety of issues, summarized in our Sunday appointment, Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • We started with one of rates. There are already several mergers or all in one presented by the operators but from Engadget On We offer an interesting comparison with all products that fall into one fixed and mobile Bill in a single table.
  • They are increasingly available for smartphones and tablets accessories but we have to be very sure when you buy one that this is compatible with our device. That is why in Technology of your your answer the question of whether a Galaxy S-Pen can be used Note in an iPad.
  • From Quiviger echoed in the official launch of TweetBot for Mac but the focus is not located in the application if, but at its price, high for many. This is why that opens a debate necessary to how we value the software?
  • If a debate were not enough from Engadget We get another generated by increasing the market dominance of the mobile operating systems by two unique systems is there life beyond Android and iOS?
  • At this point in the year the news most, either devices or fares and services, have already been filed and begins the time to evaluate the best 2012. That is why in ADSLZone they have made their awards for technological excellence, with Luis Miguel Gilpérez, President of Telefónica Spain, chosen as best Director of the year.
  • To close the weekly review from Engadget Android they bring us a very interesting interview with Muriel Sebas, Vice President of corporate development for Tuenti, on Google’s operating system and its applications.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.