Print Easily from The IPhone/IPad, Creativity and Reality Virtual or How Make The Purchase in The Metro. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

Better late than never, as the saying. Later than usual, but always on time to our Sunday meeting, Galaxy Engadget Mobile today makes an introspective journey through different blogs from the “House” to bring us some of the most interesting stories published and related to the world of mobile telephony.

Starting with the link of the role of product catalog with an augmented reality application for mobile of a well known commercial firm and the possibilities it offers. Do you want to see everything what can be stored in a small closet? Do not have them in Engadget Smart Home.

  • Tired of sending documents via email from your iPhone or iPad to print them? This is just one of the most common assumptions that the most common mortal is able to face if unknown direct print utility. From an explanation of what is AirPrint, to how it works and how to take maximum of matches. No more intermediate steps. In SMEs and freelancers We have all the information.
  • Amateur photography and his hobbies… Not really. Why the most sophisticated models of cameras record images in RAW format and the reason that high-end cellphones do not offer us such a possibility is something that our colleagues from Technology of your your aims to discover us in an interesting article.
  • Engadget ON It offers us a detailed and extensive comparison with all rates of mobile broadband that can be found in our country. More than one tool in the face will be to your next holiday.
  • Mozilla launches an initiative that will not only save you face work to advance work with Firefox OS operating system, but will also serve to disseminate previous work being developed. If you want to see some of your photos as wallpaper in the trial version of the new operating system, just take a look at the article published by our friends of Engadget photo.
  • For closing, back to Engadget Smart Home and a pilot project that gets underway in our country, after the remarkable success in Korea of the South, where the initiative was launched for the first time. As simple as having a mobile, an application that read QR codes and expect a panelled with linear station underground and articles, a large supermarket, to make the purchase at times killed in a platform. Although the idea is not new, we have to observe the success or otherwise of the bet of the company Virtual Sorli, to verify the technological maturity of the population. Who knows, maybe we are not so ignorant.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.