Principles to Consider The Change of Terminal and Organic Accessories for Smartphones. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

The arrival of the iPhone 5 Spanish stores has been the already familiar media commotion and once again has become the undisputed protagonist of the week. However, the world continues to turn for the rest of the news-hungry mortals. In our usual weekend summary, we bring you some of the most curious and interesting that have taken place in the last seven days. One more Sunday, welcome to Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • With so much talk about the iPhone, surely more than one has been the change of terminal. It is not no secret that high-end terminals are sometimes under prohibitive prices for some pockets. But perhaps you can get some extra money for your old phone using recycling programs or through buying and selling second hand circuits. In Orange presents us with some of these options.
  • But if you are one of those who opt for a brand with a deserved reputation to manufacture terminals stable and long-lasting, as is the case of Nokia, the boys of eBayers they do a review to the latest models presented by the Espoo with the new mobile operating system from Microsoft.
  • If in the end prefer cultural activities for this last option, our newly arrived colleagues of Engadget Windows show us a compilation of ten applications which, in its view, are essential in any Windows Phone.
  • But for those who have opted for the smartphone of Cupertino, Engadget Smart Home You can surprise you with a series of ecological and passive amplifier for iPhone which, in some cases, could pass for authentic technological wonders. And best of all, without consuming electricity.
  • If the previous article may be curious, the apparatus referred to in it another coming from the same House is to remove the hat. Also from Engadget Smart Home We get solar sunflower that charge our phones very stylish and completely organically.
  • Is true that iOS has meant for many users serious headaches when it comes to play certain multimedia files. To put an end to all your questions, Technology of your your us how to convert our favorite videos on Windows and Mac OS for iPhone and iPad.
  • To put the finishing touch to our Sunday review, publishing reading recommendation in the House 2.0 on the reality or not of the Post-PC era where Apple is has proclaimed champion with the introduction of the iPad and which some analyst include as a continuation to the iPhone with its recent increase in screen.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.