Prices Sony Xperia Z1 with Orange and Comparison with Movistar, Vodafone and Yoigo

Closing the round of new additions to the catalogs of mobile operators in the month of October 2013, just time with Orange that as they did Movistar, Vodafone and Yoigo, has included the Sony Xperia Z1 as a new feature this month next to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that you anticipate prices at the time.

The prices Sony Xperia Z1 for portability, migration and high new with payment to deadlines for 12 euros for 24 months (and stay in tarifa squirrel, dolphin or whale for 12 months) with their respective initial payment and VAT is included in the following way:

All operators to facilitate your purchase with payment of 24 months although each with marked differences according to the permanence in tarifa, the subsidy according to rate or the need for a down payment. Rates aside, the total cost of the Sony Xperia Z1 each operator is as follows:

  • In Movistar implies a total cost of 12 months unlimited rate permanence 523 EUR or 668 euros with the cheapest fare, in this case without permanence in tariff and subsidy.
  • In Vodafone implies a total cost of 465 euros with stay 18 months in unlimited tariff or 664 euros at the most economical rate
  • In Orange implies a total cost of 378 euros with permanence 12 months unlimited tariff or 577 euros at the most economical rate.
  • In Yoigo implies a total cost of 504 euros with permanence 24 months unlimited rate or 630 euros at the most economical rate.