Prices Orange Yumo and Alcatel One Touch Mini Idol with Amena

While Amena usually focus their news on their rates, of which the most recent was the incorporation of Internet in its most economical rate with unlimited calls, also tends to go constantly renewing its range of smartphones, which are now joined by two new terminals.

The new additions are very different, and it is that on the one hand we have the Orange Yumo, the first smartphone brand of the operator that has 4 G, and Alcatel One Touch Mini, the brother of the already known smartphone of the French brand at an affordable price.

The Orange Yumo are a 4G priced Smartphone, but in addition the Yumo also offers a large display with five-inch IPS panel accompanied by a processor dual-core 1.2 GHz while Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini also boasts a dual-core processor, but at 1.3 GHz, but your screen down to the 4.3 inch and does not count with 4G.

Orange Yumo of Amena is available in black with payment of 8 euros (VAT included) while Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini is available in silver color with payment of 5 euro (VAT included), in both cases for 24 months although No permanence in tarifa and therefore without penalty in case of low early.

Then we leave you with all the details of what you’ll end up paying really taking into account the VAT both in down payment and the monthly installments including the terminal and the service.