Pebble Brings New Health And App Updates Watch Released Three Years Ago

The Pebble is a smartwatch clock that began as a Kickstarter project in 2012. Since then, he has won several successors – such as Pebble Team and Team Round – but the company behind the clocks haven’t forgotten original.

>>> You can receive notifications of Android Wear with the Pebble

The Pebble, and Classic Pebble Steel were upgraded to the 3.0 operating system, which includes the Timeline, created by ex-designers interface of webOS.

It is a flow of information – such as weather, counting steps, reminders and notifications – in one list, similar to Android Wear. (Before, you had to enter each app to get this data.)

You browse the Timeline by pressing the buttons on the side. The up button takes you to the past, viewing missed calls, scores of games, among others. Meanwhile, the down button takes you to the future, with the events calendar, weather and more. Is something similar to “time travel” of Apple Watch.

The update also allows you to install more than 8 apps in Pebbles, releases access to new apps that run only on newer models.

It’s nice to see that a smartwatch clock released three years ago is still being updated with new features. For example, a year ago, he began to monitor the number of steps and sleep in the background.

Pebble Health

We also have a novelty in this area, but limited to watches Pebble Team, Team Steel andTeam Round.

The Pebble Health counts your steps and hours sleep, suggests how to improve sleep (proposing a schedule to sleep early, for example) and compare your steps to your daily average, instead of a pre-defined goal.

It integrates directly into the Timeline and shares data with the Apple and Google Health Fit.The app was created in partnership with the Wearable Health Lab of renowned Stanford University. The Pebble has released an API so that developers can make clock faces with the number of steps you gave.

The new features came in 3.8 firmware. The Nixon Classic watch continues on sale for $70 on SportsQnA. Other models have color screen and cost up to $250.