Our Site Shocks with iPad to Bargain Price

An aggressive offers on iPad gives wrinkled foreheads in the industry who wonder that Apple’s precious new fire suddenly has come at discount.

Apple products aren’t going on sale or offer, such is certainly the unwritten rules, when in the mobile industry will be asked as to how Apple takes action against the dealer chains when cherished around the valuable brand. The wildest is usually symbolic, if at all, some savings.

Our site is now the naughty boy in the class, and sells an iPad 2 (Friday, 14 June 2013) to 1,999 dollars, which is 1,000 kronor during the normal price for a 16 GB version of the popular tablet.

Several sources in the industry we have spoken with who wants to be anonymous, is shocked by the aggressive bidding price.

Support from Apple

Although the retail price on iPad 2 has created turmoil when “listening on water pipes”, does it not concern with our site.

-“We have a good relationship with Apple, and they were completely on the idea of bringing the iPad out to even more Danes, but we coordinate not prices with Apple, and they do not interfere in it,” says Jan Kirkedal, Sales Manager for data products in Our site.

Apple is known for having an iron grip around its cooperation partners, among other telecommunications companies, which the European Commission is about to take a closer look at.