Our Site Chief Sits on the Top Job in the Telecom Industry

The Danish telecommunications industry has got a new President. The head of Our site’s Legal Department will be new head of the telecom industry.

The Danish tele-and internet companies are concentrated in the telecom industry, the trade association which has just got a new President.

It is the country’s third-largest telephone company, our site, which puts it at the top post, write our site.

The new President is thus 41-year-old Lasse Andersen. Today he is head of our site’s Legal Department, but he has previously held senior posts in both the national IT and Telecom Agency (today Business Agency) and in the mobile phone company Orange. The latter bought Our site in 2004.

Of Presidents changed can actually be described as byttedag for Vodafone and our site. Lasse Andersen was previously Vice-President of the Telecommunications industry, and the record of the Board will be taken over by Jesper Gronenberg from TDC, as was President.