Orange Will Offer Free Roaming to Its European Customers through 2014

We already learned recently that Orange He was preparing to take a step that travelers will appreciate greatly, the Elimination of roaming at least for the countries in which the brand has presence, although by then did not give any more details.

But now if we know that this movement is falling, so close to our French neighbours it enjoy from this same February, but also for Orange customers in Spain, England (Everything Everywhere), Romania, Portugal and Moldova where the end of roaming will come throughout 2014.

The end of roaming is something that both users and high European authorities are claiming more and more insistently and in this sense Orange will take steps throughout 2014, to allow the use of its rate to customers from different countries in other markets where it has presence.

In this way users of Orange with certain rates, refer to monthly installments of 30 euros or more, You can navigate even connected to 4 G networks, make calls or send messages from other countries for certain number of days a year, a limitation that is usual for all operators so that a user of a country do not hire its line with the operator of another country.

The French example

The first to enjoy the free roaming will be French customers of Orange, which for example with the Origami Plan rate, offering calls and unlimited SMS and 2 GB for 31 euros per month, can make use of 1 GB for seven days per year or 2 GB for 14 days per year free of charge in Great Britain, Portugal and South Korea, list of countries that will be expanded in the near future.

Orange supplies are running that the exact conditions that will be applied in the different countries including Spain, regarding the free roaming will be defined market-by-market as they go by enabling this new advantage, so It is expected to know which services are included and that rates.

Also the Orange announcement is an important step, not only for the advantage that assumes the end of roaming, to our customers but will also that more direct rivals will have to move If you do not want their customers more travelers opt to carry their lines.