Orange TV Is Expanding to Mobile Devices and Adds 360 MB Free Per Month on Mobile

Canal + had already been time offering the possibility of seeing a reduced amount of its channels through devices mobile when Movistar launched Go, still in evidence and no final price after them, but now we know who is the next operator that you want to add to the television multi-device.

And is Orange that tomorrow will officially announce the new Orange TV, a revolution that will seek to promote a service with less than 100,000 subscribers with more quality in the signal of channels, TV on demand and access to it from various devices by adding addition 360 MB free to the mobile data tariff.

The first modification on Orange TV is its price, which will pass to 10 euros a month forever to all customers of ADSL or Babysitting rates with at least 3.5 Mbps down, either direct or indirect access. Just various channels offer but if that increases the quality of its signal, which will come to Full HD for those with connections to at least 9 Mbps of download.

Access from tablets and smartphones with 360 MB free

But the most interesting aspect of the new Orange TV is the ability to access it from a web browser, smartphones and tablets, but still we know that devices or operating systems will be compatible, hoping that at least iOS and Android are included. That Yes, Orange TV will be accessible from five devices simultaneously but in different channels.

Is a point in favor of television of Orange that, at least for the time being, does not Movistar in its offer customers mobile and ADSL from the French company will benefit from 360 MB extra free month, about two hours of viewing, for exclusive use with Orange TV.

But in addition to be able to access the signal in direct channels including users of smartphones and tablets also will have access to Canal + Liga and Disney Movies on Demand free until 31 November programs already issued several channels with a maximum of 7 or 14 days according to the channel.

In the absence of more details, them will have morning, Orange look to make hole in this way its television service offering poorer than that of Movistar or ONO channel but a good price and with free multi-device service.