Orange Opens The Veda of The Promotions of Summer: More Megs for Card Rates and Pleasant

When approaching the summer all operators often take advantage to try to attract new customers or retain their own with temporary promotions. Once promotions focused on special prices to change mobile or special for calls, but with the growing use of mobile connections conditions the focus has gone to the megs rates.

And with June falling, Orange has decided to be the first operator to announce their promotions for the summer season. The French have not given many turns and repeated promotion this time, doubling the megas included in their rates prepaid and increasing by 50 percent the basic rate of Amena during the summer.

The different rates of Orange Card customers will enjoy of the megs twice up to August 31. Promotion affects both the two whale rates (which passes by having two gigabytes for 8,95 euros per month or 3.2 gigabytes for 12.95 euros), the world (the four gigabytes are interesting for 15 euros), and the Holiday tarifa Spain visit foreign-oriented.

The basic fare of Amena passes 1-1.5 GB

By the side of Amena, the winners will be those who choose the basic rate, which usually includes calls paying only the establishment and a giga for 6.95 euros per month. From today and until September 15 everyone who hire or have hired this rate will have 1.5 gigabytes per month for the same price.