Orange Launches Its Own Accommodation Service in The Cloud with 25 GB for Free and Included Traffic

Not only rates and different terminals live operators and it is mostly network operators also offer a series of additional services that often surely not equilibrate the balance of the choice of mobile company by users but if that can help the operator to engage customers.

And one of those services that Vodafone had already now reaches under the name Orange Orange Cloud, hosting in the cloud from the French operator, which in addition to offering 25 GB of free storage in certain rates also includes also free additional traffic to upload and download files from the mobile.

Orange Cloud is hosting in the cloud in the style of Dropbox, Spotbros or Google Drive available for contract customers, which ensures that files uploaded to it will be lodged in Spanish servers in a safe manner, being accessible through a desktop version or from Android devices, still not available at the moment in other operating systems.

In September we have had news of this service is available from today, for customers of rates offering Dolphin 25, whale 23 and above 25 GB of free accommodation in addition to 500 MB of additional traffic to the data rate contracted by free user to transfer files from your device.

100 GB of accommodation for five euros per month

For users who do not have the above mentioned rates this service also is available only in Exchange for a monthly fee of two euros. For the most demanding Orange Cloud also offers the possibility to take 100 GB of accommodation, in this case in Exchange for five euros a month with any of the supported rates.

Those customers of Orange who want to activate Orange Cloud they only have to access their area of the operator web user, or go to a store or call customer service. Activated once may already make use of the space contracted from any compatible devices.

The main difference from Vodafone Cloud It is that Vodafone includes free space all their Smart rates and network, from 5 to 60 GB according to the tariff, while Orange includes more capacity on many occasions but the range of rates with free service is lower. That if Vodafone has already application for iOS and Windows Phone, thing that Orange no.