Nubia Z9 Max Delayed His Arrival after The Initial of The Nubia Z9 Mini Success

A few weeks ago that ZTE made official the Nubia Z9 Max and Nubia Z9 mini waiting for the arrival of the Z9 Nubia without last names, with their screen edge-to-edge and directed to command the most noble range from Chinese manufacturer.

The two already known devices would have to market this week, but initially originated only Nubia Z9 has done mini -with enough success, while for the Z9 Max delays are announced due to production problems.

We already know that compete in the number of sales in less time during the launches, goes to the Chinese so we have learned that the more restrained model of the range Nubia Z9 has premiered selling 68.700 units in just 58 seconds.

Furthermore, Nubia Z9 Max suffers delays in its production given the complexity of building his body in aluminium and glass, manufactured with CNC machining processes that require long time. In addition, ZTE has confirmed that some extra quality control measures are carried out to ensure a production that meets the highest industry standards.

This is why that Nubia Z9 Max will not appear in the Chinese stores until the month of may, Although surely the extra wait not postpone tempers get a phablet with premium finishes and that it be mounted hardware of high range priced at only about 375 dollars at current Exchange.

At the moment, still no news of the original Z9 Nubia, so we will have to continue waiting for vigilant to the movements of the Chinese firm.