Newport County, Rhode Island Weather

According to, Newport County is a county located in the state of Rhode Island. It is part of the Providence metropolitan area and has a population of roughly 82,888 people (as of 2019). The county is made up of fifteen towns, including Middletown, Newport, Portsmouth, Little Compton, Jamestown, Tiverton and Bristol.

The history of Newport County dates back to 1638 when it was first settled by English colonists from Massachusetts. In 1639, the area was incorporated as Rhode Island by Roger Williams and his followers. Over the years, Newport County has been home to many influential figures in American history including George Washington who visited there during the Revolutionary War and President John F. Kennedy who used it as his summer White House in 1962.

Today, Newport County is known for its beautiful coastal scenery and unique attractions such as the famous Cliff Walk which runs along the shoreline from east to west offering spectacular views of Narragansett Bay. Other popular attractions include historic sites like Fort Adams State Park which offers tours and programs about its military history as well as recreational activities like sailing and fishing on its nearby waters. There are also numerous museums featuring art exhibits or historical artifacts such as The International Tennis Hall Of Fame which celebrates the sport’s greatest players and moments throughout history.

In addition to its beautiful scenery and unique attractions, Newport County is also home to some famous people including actors James Woods and Viola Davis; writer/poet Edgar Allan Poe; former First Lady Nancy Reagan; musician Billy Joel; singer/songwriter Taylor Swift; author/philosopher Ayn Rand; fashion designer Ralph Lauren; filmmaker Steven Spielberg; tennis player Chris Evert; golfer Phil Mickelson; basketball player Ray Allen; baseball players Cal Ripken Jr., Mo Vaughn and Nolan Ryan among others.

Newport County offers something for everyone – whether you want to explore its rich history or enjoy its stunning shoreline views – this small but charming county has something for everyone.

Climate and weather in Newport County, Rhode Island

According to, the climate of Newport County, Rhode Island is classified as humid continental with warm summers and cold winters. It is located in the Northeast region of the United States and experiences four distinct seasons. During the summer months, temperatures range from an average high of 80°F (27°C) to a low of 60°F (16°C). The area also experiences high levels of humidity during this time which can make the heat more oppressive.

In the fall, temperatures drop significantly as Newport County enters into autumn. Average highs range from 70°F (21°C) to 50°F (10°C). During this time, leaves begin to change color and rain becomes more frequent.

Winter temperatures are quite cold with an average high of 35-40°F (2-4°C) and lows around 20-25°F (-7-4°C). Snowfall is common during this season with an average accumulation of 15 inches per year. The area also experiences strong wind gusts that can reach up to 30 mph or more.

Spring brings milder temperatures back to Newport County with an average high of 60-65 °F (16-18 °C) and lows around 40 °F (4 °C). Rainfall is common during this season as well as occasional thunderstorms and hail.

Newport County has a moderate climate with hot summers, cool winters, and pleasant spring and fall seasons. Thanks to its location close to the Atlantic Ocean, the area experiences milder temperatures than inland areas in Rhode Island which makes it an ideal destination for outdoor activities such as hiking or fishing throughout the year.

Transportation in Newport County, Rhode Island

Newport County, Rhode Island offers several convenient transportation options for its residents and visitors. The area is served by major highways such as Interstate 95, Route 24, and Route 4 which make it easy to get around the county. In addition to roadways, Newport County is also served by public transportation options such as the Newport County Transit Authority (NCTA) and the RIPTA bus system.

The NCTA provides local bus service throughout Newport County with routes that cover most of the area’s major attractions. Buses run on a regular schedule seven days a week from early morning until late evening with one-way fares ranging from $2-$4 depending on the route.

The RIPTA bus system connects Newport County with other parts of Rhode Island including Providence and Warwick. Buses run on a regular schedule seven days a week from early morning until late evening with one-way fares ranging from $2-$4 depending on the route.

For those looking to explore further distances, Amtrak offers train service to cities in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and beyond from their station in downtown Newport. The train station is located close to several restaurants and shops making it easy for travelers to grab a bite before their journey begins.

For those traveling by air, T.F Green Airport is located just outside of Providence and provides direct flights to many cities in the United States as well as some international destinations including London and Paris.

In addition to these options for getting around town or out of town, there are also plenty of taxi services available throughout Newport County which can be conveniently booked via smartphone apps or hailed directly at designated taxi stands throughout the area.

Newport County offers an array of convenient transportation options that make it easy for both residents and visitors alike to get around this charming county.

Cities and towns in Newport County, Rhode Island

According to, Newport County, Rhode Island is a beautiful and diverse area that offers something for everyone. The county is comprised of several cities and towns that each have their own unique characteristics, attractions, and experiences. The most populous city in the county is Newport, which is known for its rich history, beautiful harbor views, art galleries, and historic sites such as the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Middletown is another popular city in the county with a charming downtown area filled with shops, restaurants, and plenty of activities to enjoy. Portsmouth is another popular destination with its picturesque oceanfront views and beaches.

The town of Jamestown is located on Conanicut Island in Narragansett Bay and offers a picturesque setting for visitors to explore. This town boasts gorgeous beaches as well as some unique attractions such as Fort Wetherill State Park and Beavertail Lighthouse Museum. Another great town to visit in Newport County is Tiverton which features a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking trails at Colt State Park or kayaking along the Sakonnet River.

For those looking for more rural settings there are several small towns in Newport County that offer a slower pace of life including Little Compton which features rolling hillsides and quaint villages along with plenty of outdoor activities such as fishing or bird watching at Nannaquaket Pond Wildlife Refuge. The town of Exeter also features some gorgeous scenery along the Ten Mile River with plenty of trails to explore or take a relaxing paddle boat ride on Wilbur Pond.

Finally, there are many smaller villages throughout Newport County including Adamsville, which has been around since 1677; Central Falls; North Kingstown; Saunderstown; Wakefield-Peacedale; West Kingston; Wickford Village; Woods Hole; and more. All these towns offer something different from each other yet all have their own charm that makes them worth visiting at least once during your stay in Newport County.