Naples Travel Guide

Naples Travel Guide

The unique Naples is a hot cultural destination in summer. Historic Naples holds a huge amount to experience for both the active holidaymaker and the gourmet. The chaotic city shares opinions among tourists.


In Naples, southern Italy, it is easy to combine a city and a beach holiday. The personal city offers the traveler culture, warmth and of course a delicious pizza in authentic Italian style.

Italy’s third largest city

Naples, the largest city in southern Italy, offers an interesting contrast to the industrial cities of northern Italy. The Naples region is the oldest man-made area in Europe and today has a population of around one million. The metropolitan area of ​​Naples has a population of three million.

Naples is located in Italy, about 200 kilometers south of Rome. Spread around the Gulf of Naples at the edge of Mount Vesuvius, the chaotic metropolis offers things to do for lovers of cultural attractions as well as those seeking the heat of the sun.

The Neapolitan is said to either love or hate it. A peculiar feature of Naples is its rugged, perhaps even dirty outer shell, which divides people into two camps.

Calm in winter, hot in summer

Naples has a Mediterranean climate. Winters are quite mild and rainy, while summers are dry and hot. You can travel to Naples at any time of the year, but to avoid the heaviest rains and the worst crowds, it’s best to be on the move in the spring and fall.

During the summer, daytime temperatures in Naples rise to almost 30 degrees on average.

Naples is known as the hometown of pizza

Naples is known as the hometown of pizza.

History, architecture, art and culinary experiences

Naples is a diverse and vibrant city where you can find things to do for many different tastes. Compared to northern Italy, life in Naples is more chaotic and at the same time it may seem carefree.

There is room for improvement in Naples’ waste management, and from time to time even large piles of garbage bags accumulate on the streets. This may give a negative image of the city at first. However, Naples hides numerous museums and beautiful churches.

If you are not interested in history and culture, you will also find a setting for relaxing and shopping on the beach in the Naples area.

The hometown of pizza

According to tradition, pizza is a gift from Naples to the world. There is plenty of pizza on offer in the city. The traditional Italian pizza is called Margherita and is stuffed with tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil.

One typical Italian way is to sell pizza in small pizzerias as individual slices. In addition to pizzerias, there are plenty of restaurants in Naples for many other tastes.



From Naples it is easy to make day trips to other places of interest as well.

Seasonal direct flights

Finnair flies from Finland directly to Naples during the summer season from May to October. At its cheapest, direct flights can be found for around 200 euros, but especially during the busiest summer holidays, prices can also be significantly higher.

An alternative is also to fly to Rome, where there are direct flights from Finland all year round. The easiest way to get from Rome to Naples is by car or train. By car, the journey takes just over two hours, while by train the journey folds in just over an hour.

Accommodation in a wide price range

Naples has a wide range of accommodation. There are hotels in the city for even the most demanding tastes, but budget travelers can also stay in the city’s hostels cheaply.

Walking in a chaotic metropolis

Traffic in Naples is chaotic and the city is known for the fact that the traffic lights there are mainly for decoration. The city is often badly congested and often the best way to move from place to place is to walk, as city congestion can make driving a car pounding.

Naples also has a metro network. Nearby cities are conveniently reached by train or rental car.

There are also ferry connections from Naples to the nearby island of Capri, for example.



There are several impressive churches in Naples.

Visit the Italian Church

Italian churches are impressive artistic entities, alongside which domestic churches seem modest. Even the smallest churches are often stylized in detail as beautiful. On a trip to Italy, popping into church can also be recommended to those who are not otherwise very interested in churches.

As a rule, admission to churches is free within varying hours, but Catholic Italy is stricter in terms of dress than Finland. So when going to church, it is advisable to wear shorts and top longer clothes.


Vesuvius is still an active volcano that can erupt at virtually any moment with devastating consequences. Millions of people live in the area affected by the possible eruption of Vesuvius. The best known of the eruptions of Vesuvius occurred in 79, when the eruption destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, killing thousands of people. The last eruption of Vesuvius took place in 1944.

Nonetheless, the volcano is a popular excursion destination and offers stunning views over the metropolitan area of ​​Naples. Vesuvius is also mentioned in popular culture and is the home of Milla Magic, an adventurer in Aku Anka.


Pompeii was an ancient Roman city that was buried in ashes when Vesuvius erupted in 79. Today, Pompeii is a major archaeological site and it is also possible for tourists to visit there.

The city, excavated from the ash layer, is amazingly well preserved and when you visit it you feel like you have stepped back in time. Pompeii is also known for its abundant erotic art.


For many heading to the island of Capri , Naples is just a transit city. However, the island off the Gulf of Naples is conveniently suitable for a day trip. The best of Capri’s beautiful nature can be best explored by hiking, but there is also something to do on the island for a more leisurely taste.


Sorrento is a charming little town about an hour south of Naples. It offers a peaceful alternative to chaotic Naples. It is a great destination for a day trip or even longer. Attractions in Sorrento include an abandoned old mill at the bottom of a gorge.



San Martino Monastery and Museum is one of Naples’s many landmarks to discover.

The best museums in Naples

  1. Galleria Borbonica
  2. LAES – La Napoli Sotterranea
  3. Certosa e Museo di San Martino Napoli
  4. Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro
  5. National Archaeological Museum of Napoles
  6. Sant’Anna dei Lombardi
  7. Galleria di Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano
  8. Il Metro dell’Arte
  9. Farmacia Storica degli Incurabili
  10. Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte