Motorola Spain Take The Closure, Analyze The Nexus 7, Invasion Android

This week has caught us by surprise a bitter news: Motorola Spain closes its doors, with a series of consequences. Despite this, some things will not change since the RAZR Motorola MoviStar for example begins to receive Ice Cream Sandwich. Meanwhile, Samsung confirms that Jelly Bean It will come in the month of October to the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

This week the iPhone 5 has been the protagonist of the telephony sector. Xataka Android we have prepared a comparison between this and the Samsung Galaxy SIII. We have also seen how Apple boasts of being the finest when in reality it is not, and some manufacturers take advantage of the opportunity to attack with the subject of patents. By the way, don’t miss our analysis of the Nexus 7.

For the more hardcore gamers, this week we have Bunnies Circus Stunt, Babel Rising 3D and the latest Kairosoft: Venture Towns. Eye also to Play Everywhere, an initiative Spanish that it points also to the fashion of the video game created by OnLive and Gaikai streaming.

We have also spoken of HandsonAR, one of the most curious augmented reality applications for Android. Google Drive was upgraded this week and CyanogenMod has promised us more frequent updates thanks to series M. Cosmos explains how to enable the video recording in 720 p Nexus 7 and see in China an 18.5 inch Android computer.

We see the week that comes in a new installment of ‘The Invasion Android’.