More Ideas for Gifts, Line for SMEs or The Turn of Google Maps to IOS. Galaxy Engadget Mobile

It is one week and one day to Christmas Eve and probably many of you already have your homes engalonados and your requests for gifts made. But just in case our weekly summary returns to bring a few ideas for gift giving but not forget today’s technology. Here begins our Galaxy Engadget Mobile.

  • We continue where left it last week with a few ideas to give at this time. This time in Engadget bring us a selection of gifts for teenagers, from consoles and accessories, mobile phones to tablets.
  • And to deepen this last idea and that will probably be the Queen of these Christmas, tablets, from eBayers they make us a broad review of tablets for all tastes. Since the new iPads from Apple, through a broad review of the infinity of options with Android to tablets which Debuts Windows 8.
  • Gift ideas have many but we lack something very important, how to organize the usual invisible friends of these dates. We could continue to do so with the typical draw of papelitos but from Quiviger We show a selection of applications that will facilitate the organisation of an invisible friend.
  • And to close the selection of ideas for gifts this week a ration from Technology of your your. The foundations of sound are very common for Apple devices but since this blog flee typical bases offering a selection of bases for Android smartphones.
  • Since Apple decided to dispense with Google maps on their devices to implant his own, with a success fairly shallow, many have been those who waited the return of the application of Google to iOS. And the application has already become and from Annex M make us a review of the new features of Google Maps for iOS 6.
  • Much we have already spoken of as the problems and doubts about its future cost of Whatsapp are doing to grow alternatives such as Line, with more than 85 million users at this point. From BBVA with your company show us the advantages of this application for SMEs.

So far, our weekly summary in Galaxy Engadget Mobile. We remind you that you can send tracks, links or contact us via the contact form.