Misfit Phase in the Test: the Fitness Watch With a Twist

The Fitnesstracker of Misfit were always subtle and chic. In the first moment you can’t see to the pedometer them. This is the case that but more can first watch of manufacturer with analogue hands which is although not Smartwatch, count only steps even with the misfit phase.

Misfit may refer to the phase as a “hybrid Smartwatch”. But it is functionally far from devices that I would describe as a Smartwatch. It counts your steps, the associated app calculates it expended calories and distances traveled. In addition, the wearable can vibrate to wake you, pointing to incoming messages on the phone connected via Bluetooth or to remember, to move again. In the night, monitored the misfit your sleeping phase on request and distinguishes between light and relaxing night’s sleep. A display for apps or for the operation of the Smartphone are missing however.

Watch, Fitnesstracker and smart home control

Visually, the misfit phase resembles a modern wristwatch with a simple dial. The wristbands, you can choose between leather and sports and even exchange them. While not the standard closure comes but to use, but per bracelet two small buttons. Therefore, you can use only the bracelets from misfit. The entire watch is while waterproof and suitable for swimming, but the coating of the housing is not particularly robust. I’ve worn them two days next to one other wearable. The coating was then already rubbed off of the contact point. You ain’t on the worn look, you should treat the stage carefully.

Two buttons located on the right side of the housing. You can push through with the top look to see how much movement of the you’ve already made your daily target and at what time of the alarm is. The lower button can assume different functions. Which, it sets you in the app – and can change them just back. My favorite is the Aktivitätstracking. Because the misfit does not automatically detect phase for example cycling. You want to log activity, you must set also before you in the app. Smartphone’s can’t do without, what makes something cumbersome operation of the timer. In addition to cycling, walking, jogging, swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, yoga and dancing to the selection of best smartwatches are available at Pinckarddress.com.

You can use the button as a trigger for Selfies or for the control of music. Changes the functions are possible only via the app. Through one-, two – or threefold pressing and pressing and holding of the button it comes on up to four different actions that you can perform. It not only may with Bluetooth Smartphone home gadgets to the music control or the notebook to switch from presentation slides connected his, but also smart.

Nice app, guide with little details

The misfit displays their data phase in the misfit app on your Smartphone. Either as a pro rata filled circle or in the day and sleep history. Below you can see how long you have to still walking, jogging or swimming, to achieve the goal of the day. Scrolls you on the home page further down, you see the day during sleep, activities and possibly entered weight changes. The app using the data may recognize walks or jogging runs even alone, other activities have to track her as described can adapt but subsequently the times. Overall, but less detailed info – also to the individual activities – as for example in the apps by Garmin or Fitbit await you. Whose gadgets sometimes but have more sensors, about GPS or the pulse measurement.

About the battery life you can not complain about: the misfit phase is a button cell. The battery should last about six months and you can replace it with the supplied tool in just a few minutes. Regular recharging is thus eliminated.

Conclusion: a watch with some extras

The misfit phase is a convenient Fitnesstracker in the form of a watch in a discreet design. The automatic detection of the activity I’m missing, as I suck it manually to record my activities. If that doesn’t bother you and you do without pulse and a display to display information, the phase as a chic wearable determined fits to you. It is priced but with the following execution of batch 2, which is much less elegant, features 179 or $199 on the Fitbit but for more.