Man is Forced to Apologize 100 Times on Twitter

Anyone who watched The Simpsons at some point in life (everyone) knows very well that, at the opening of the show, Bart to repeat the same phrase several times on the blackboard. It’s punishment. In modern times, however, a man of Malaysia is being forced to repeat the same phrase on Twitter as a way to apologize.

Fahmi Fadzil (@fahmi_fadzil) wrote in January on Twitter that a pregnant friend had been destratada the heads in a magazine published by BluInc Media company. The more than 4000 his followers saw the message, which was followed by an apology for the comment. It was no use.

The BluInc Media was behind the Malaysian to negotiate a public recantation. The courts were not involved in the case, and at the end of Fadzil accounts pledged to tweet 100 times defamed the company in question.

“I difamei to BluInc Media & Female Magazine. My tweets on their human resources policies are not true. I take those words and hereby apologize. ” This is the phrase that Fadzil is republished from time to time. The Twitter user to put a counter to indicate what number the excuse is. At the time of publication of this text, he had asked 34 excuses and owed another 66.

Interestingly, the tweets are in English. The language to be allowed in Malaysia, but it is not considered the official language of the country.


Man forced to tweet apology 100 times by court

Man forced to tweet apology 100 times by court