Ljubljana Travel Guide

Ljubljana Travel Guide

Ljubljana is a small and charming weekend destination. The immediate atmosphere of Ljubljana takes you with it. Ljubljana is a small and sympathetic treasure, still unknown to many, waiting to be discovered. For this city, you may lose your heart right out of the box.

The name of the city almost corresponds to the Slovenian word “beloved”, and that is what Ljubljana is for many from the very first moment. The Slovenian capital offers the most perfect setting for a romantic weekend.


Small and intimate Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a small and intimate city that charms with its immediacy. Everything can be found within walking distance, and the hustle and bustle of the city is easy for the tourist to dive into.

The downtown area in particular is pulsating with life around the clock, especially in the summer. The cafés and restaurants on the banks of the Ljubljanica River are filled night after night with locals and tourists alike, and the local joy of life cannot be missed.

Ljubljana is the center of business and culture in Slovenia, but it has still managed to maintain its immediate atmosphere. The city is rich in history, museums, culture and an excellent restaurant offer. Ljubljana also has a lot of good shopping opportunities ranging from international brands to small local specialties and crafts.

The city logo dragon comes against the tourist in several places around Ljubljana.

several places around Ljubljana

At its best from spring to autumn

Ljubljana is located inland, so summers are usually hot, and mercury can rise to thirty degrees. During the summer, the city is at its busiest, with streets and terraces filled with people and events. The heat can be enjoyed late into the night, so it’s no wonder that summer evenings on the riverfront terraces meet to stretch for a long time.

If a city break in the heat is not attractive, it is worth heading to the city in the autumn. The weather is then usually still warm, but toasting makes it easier.

Ljubljana is at its best from spring to autumn, but the city is also well suited for year-round tourism. It is also easy to make excursions to alpine destinations from Ljubljana, so winter tourism also has its advantages. In terms of price level, Slovenia is slightly cheaper than Finland, and you typically get good value for money by avoiding the worst tourist towers.

Landscape tour on a river cruise

One of the best ways to get to know the beautiful architecture of Ljubljana is to take a river boat ride. Cruises depart several times a day and typically last from half an hour to an hour. During this time, you have time to get a comprehensive overview of the buildings on the beaches of Ljubjanica, but also the lively atmosphere.

Thanks to the description in the guide, you can explore the city from deeper than the surface. The cruise costs about ten euros per adult, and children can participate for half price.



The center of Ljubljana is compact, and the best way to fold the distances is to move on foot.

Direct flights in summer

Finnair flies direct scheduled flights to Ljubljana, which means that the travel time is just over two and a half hours. One stopover takes you to Ljubljana via several European cities. Flight prices vary between around € 200 and € 400, depending on the time of travel and the airline.

Ljubljana Airport is located 26 kilometers north of the city center. There is a bus service from the airport to the city center about once an hour. From the local bus from the airport to the city you can shell out less than five euros, while the taxi fare starts at about 30 euros.

You can also travel to Ljubljana by train from other parts of Europe, for example from Venice , Vienna , Zagreb and Munich . Slovenia is a popular Interrail destination. The train station is less than a kilometer from the city center. The bus terminal can be found right next to the train station.

Accommodation in good time

Accommodation options in Ljubljana can be found for all purses, but space is limited. It is advisable to book a night’s accommodation well in advance, especially during the summer season, if you want to stay in an accommodation establishment of a certain level or a certain price range. The price level of hotels is approximately the same as in Finland.

Familiar with the city on foot, by public or fillar

The distances in Ljubljana are short, so your own feet are good enough to move around. However, bus service is a functional and good option if you want to rest your feet from time to time. Car rental is also a recommended option if you intend to travel elsewhere in Slovenia.

Slovenia has well-functioning public transport throughout, which is worth taking advantage of. Buses and trains can be used quickly and reasonably cheaply.

Ljubljana also has an excellent city bike system. The bike can be rented for a fee for EUR and registration for the first lesson is free. If you return the bike to the city bike rack before the end of the one-hour rental period, you can grab a new bike again for a free hour.