LG G4: We Had Never Known So Much of a Mobile That We Still Do Not Know

The account back up to the next 28 April continues, home of LG seem to warn already prior to an important presentation nerves, but how we could explain to us that LG G4 we know almost all the details without having even met the device itself.

The leaks have been day after day in recent weeks, but the tremendous gazapo leave open the microsite of the terminal during its preparation has filled the glass of rumors for Let us talk of official confirmations.

LG G4 will not be a groundbreaking device, but despite keeping lines and ideas it seems that the Korean firm It has well prepared the new generation gap its range of flag, with a careful design and trying to innovate in materials, hardware to the height and, on paper, the most promising market smartphone camera.

Two keys in the design: curvature and skin

We assume that when it comes to drawing the first sketches of the G4, in the design of LG Department still were turning to the metal chassis and at the time they had to develop them. They not arrived in time, so finally the LG G4 will be few smartphones high-end than this 2015 not you bet on aluminum body.

Not everything is bad, however, as to change the Koreans have been able to maintain a slight curvature inherited from the G-Flex, feature specifically – designed according to the manufacturer – to improve the ergonomics and grip, with a less pronounced arch and more natural diameter.

Plastic carries intrinsic in addition two considerable improvements, its lightness and the other one is its malleability, which have allowed the Korean firm leaving the thickness in only 8.9 mm without penalizing its battery capacity.

In addition, the guys at LG have failed to give turns to thinking in the best finish plastic possible, so design is added a little lifestyle so LG G4 can dress up for the occasion with nine different rear housings, three of them manufactured in plastic and six finished in natural leather.

Two different designs with two different philosophies:

  • One more classic with an attractive back in natural skin, six colors – black, Brown, Bordeaux, blue, light blue, beige or yellow – and presided over by a central seam that frames the buttons and the main camera.
  • The other, more “chic” according to the own LG, has a finish plastic texturing with a diamond pattern, and will come in grey, white and gold colors.

If this seems little, LG prides itself on their shells can be exchanged very easily, so is the removable battery, This time reaching the 3,000 mAh capacity, so as the Harbour microSD for memory expansion.

A hardware without surprises

Little room for manoeuvre there is with the hardware in a saturated market platform, although LG has learned from the mistakes of others to avoid all kinds of avoidable criticisms, it is worth the redundancy.

On the front we find a spectacular Panel of 5.5 inches and resolution QHD 1. 440p, with a density of 534 pixels per inch and an improvement of the sensitivity technology Advanced In-Cell Touch, which allows you to include in a same element LCD panel and digitizer.

In addition, and this will have to do it, LG boasts an improved energy consumption, as well as contrast, color reproduction and a glow around a 30% higher Al of the previous TrueHD IPS +.

The part of process seems to be directed by a 808 Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, isolated in this way from a Snapdragon 810 to temperature problems apparently will be in the pools to the biggest disappointment of the year.

The Snapdragon 808 maintains that if the 64-bit architecture used by Android Lollipop, but lowering the performance of the processor, which boasts six-core -dual-core Cortex A57 and other quad-core Cortex – A53 operating at a speed maximum of 1.8 GHz, as well as the GPU, which in this case is a Adreno 418.

The memory is not too clear, and although 3 GB RAM some expected already have indicated that LG could up the ante to 4 GB seeking to compensate for the loss of performance which is Snapdragon 808. Yes it seems clear that raise the internal storage up to 32 GB, remember that expandable.

For the best camera of the smartphone market

LG joins the Group of manufacturers who have understood that the high-end already not only lives of brute power, so Koreans have gone to seek differentiation in an increasingly valued aspect as the photographic possibilities.

On the role, We could say that LG has mounted in the G4 the best camera on the market, Although obviously and without having tested it is too early to say such a thing categorically.

What we do have are numbers, and is that the LG G4 includes a 16 Megapixel rear sensor, with one Aperture f/1.8 in the main camera that promises a light absorbing 80% greater than the sensor mounted in the G3. On the front we are not abandoned, another 8 megapixel perfectly prepared for selfies and video sensor.

The Korean manufacturer maintains the successful approach laser that greatly improves autofocus response times, and we have already seen in the G3 generation, but this time also a new player joins the game: the color spectrum sensor.

To explain it in the most basic way possible, this Color Spectrum Sensor is based on an infrared sensor capable of measuring and analyzing the colors of the scene before you capture the photo, helping the image processor in the reproduction of colors.

Obviously, in the bid to the photograph could not miss a section of software more care, with support for Save shots in RAW format and an advanced manual mode that will make the delights of the most expert of the place.

Thus, LG G4 users can play with parameters as the speed of the shutter, the aperture, ISO, etc., keeping their photographs without any kind of compression for an edition in detail.

LG UI 4.0, also with Lollipop news

In addition to the logical leap of hardware and work with the camera, LG has not been forgotten of the services and software to manage this market, so 5.0 Android Lollipop He will be accompanying the LG G4, but masked by the new version 4.0 interface from LG.

In this case, LG has taken care of more details, although we know that it will offer improvements in the line initiated by Google Now and the automation of tasks, with a terminal that will learn from us to suggest what we need throughout the user experience.

As you can see, We have almost done a complete analysis of the new LG G4, Although will touch everyone wait for April 28 to confirm the few surprises that LG has been able to keep in the top hat.

Seen, the question is liable, what you think the still “unknown” LG G4?